Colonia trade route

Hey guys,

Personally i always loved elite the most for its flight mechanics and Sim style of gameplay. I can enjoy small things as space trucking verry much. Although trade is pretty good in elite (could use an overhaul tough) what is miss is the large far away long route trading like in the 16 and 17 century on earth. I feel elite would be a perfect setting for this given its huge size.

I therefore feel it would be really amazing to have a decent profitable trade route between the bubble and Colonia. Someting to make it "worth" doing this journey several times over. It could also stimulate deep space piracy. Perhaps change the way maximum profit distance work on rare goods? Or just certain commodity that will bring you lots of profit from going to this far flung colony.

Any thoughts?
Missions might be a good way to do this - there are certain trade goods (the regional ones like Reinforced Mounting Plate) that can't be produced in Colonia, while there are others (like Muon Imager) which Colonia has a surplus of but the bubble has a shortage of.

Making rares continue to (more slowly) increase in value after 150LY would be good too.
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