color differences game 1 / game 2

for those of us who have both games we can see that the first game looks lighter, however the second game has a more sepia color more yellow so to speak. I don't know which one I like more, but it's clearly different
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up jurassic evolution 1. down jurassic evolution 2 color difference can be seen
Sí, no están en la misma parte del mundo. Mapas diferentes = iluminación diferente, por supuesto.
I think you have to buy the first game to realize that it only has the jungle biome. If you compare it with the jungle of game 2 you will notice the difference in color, I am not saying it, the developers of the game have said it. watch videos and compare. It is easy .
There are 3~4 different color grading in the second game. Based on the screenshots you provided, it looks like the second image is "Jurassic Park era" color setting, which has more magenta color. Go to sandbox mode and try using "JW era" color. It will look almost the same as the first one.
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