Colour Changing Lights

Hi, i've been trying to set a trigger on a dark ride for a light. I've been using the event light and I want it to fade from beige to blue, but I just can't get it to work and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I set it to both change colour and swap colour, and every time it just causes the light to turn off and the only thing that changes is the colour of the bulb (it doesn't project any light on the scene, but if you look at the light itself you can see the colour of the bulb change). Am I missing something?
Lights are deactivated by default when you attach them to a sequencer. (The bulb always appears to glow even when the light is technically off). You'll first need to create an "Activate on trigger" to turn the light on, then your color fade should work like you want.
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