Newcomer / Intro Combat/analysis mode and firegroups

It's been a while since I played the game, just getting back into it now. One thing I'm probably not doing right is the fire groups.
Since you cannot use weapons in analysis mode, and you cannot use some (all?) scanners in combat mode, why do I see all fire groups in both modes? Is there a way to separate this?
We live in hope FD will introduce more comprehensive de-clutter options in a future update. Meanwhile if you feel the need you can always deselct fire group modules you aren't currently using, but of course that's having to micro manage the HUD, easily sorted if they ever get round to devoting a bit of love from the UI people.
The colors help and it's pretty simple to setup appropriate fire groups.

In analysis discovery, composition and DSS scanners work.
In combat weapons work.
Wake and data link scanners work in both modes.

In analysis blue works, red is out of range and dark blue is switch mode and won't work.
In combat orange works, while red can be out of range or switch mode and won't work.
All are labeled per their status. If you modified the color scheme you're own your own.

I didn't have an FSD interdictor, mining toys or limpets onboard to test. Still just use
them 1000 times and never think about them. It's like the subconscious driving a car
while the brain is deciding what to order at MacDonalds when it gets there.
Mining tools are Analysis only.
Collector limpets work in both.

You can set composition scanner and data link scanner on the same fire button and change HUD mode to determine which works, though you will get nag messages.
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