Combat pilots. What do you do with your time Ingame?

Compromised beacons, Conflict zones, anti-pirate missions (not the most efficient I know, but at least it gives a sense of purpose), patrolling some incursion systems if I'm not lazy (a rare occurence).

For just some quick pew-pew, compromised nav beacons is usually a lot better than HazRez... less downtime, more high ranks.
Scout killing
Assassin missions (killing ex military targets, = legal kills)
wet work missions (killing civilian targets, = gets you wanted)

In anarchy security systems I...
....Mega ship defence mission... Targets sit very still trying to get cargo or disable mega ship , After the defence completes turn on defenders big ships and space them...
....Cargo USS'es...join the attacking side... kill the T6-T9s then turn on the pirate anacondas and pythons and collect the grade 5 mats they drop at death.
Oh look even more of....
Couriering boom/expansion/whatever data, doing everything rep+++++ for Empire factions. Because I want to fly that big shiny iCutter.
CZs, but not for the combat for combat's sake but to win the war. I do a lot of trade missions & most of my mats come from killing the mission spawn baddies. I think RESs are early game or casual combat really, anecdotally compromised nav beacons are good fun, although I only visit nav beacons for missions that require me to.
I'm mostly testing PvP builds against my squadron members.
Mostly unsuccessfully. Lol

Also, grinding engineers. :p

Haz RES, and CNBs are no challenge anymore, conflict zones are easy, and also don't pay enough, and I'm more or less full on the materials they both drop, so I have little reason to visit them.

Thargoids are too difficult for me to solo, and also reward very little, not dropping any useful materials (not that it would make any sense to drop human stuff. Lol).
Could do with well paid (in credits or G5 manufactured and encoded) missions for taking down various interceptors.
Like very well paid, 20~ G5 materials to kill a couple of them, maybe 2-4. Not 56, FD!
Slaughtering everything at anarchy nav beacons, political assassinations, killing the Imperial Cutters that Arissa L-D keeps sending after me since I defected (I'll miss those).

In between times I'll run a few cargo missions to fill the hole in my finances that kitting most of my ships in reactive armour has caused. One mission led to being interdicted by an Anaconda and then having a T10 and an Asp Scout join in. That was a bit of fun. There's always something that can be exploded somewhere.

Haz res sites and comp nav beacons are ok, but with political assassinations coming in at 3 million a time I only use these for initial testing of a ship build.
Occasionally de-dusting the Vessels and performing their mandatory periodic maintenance sorties or conduct proficiency flights...

But other than that, very little reason to operate them.
V886 Centauri has some extremely dense asteroid fields that I find very challenging to fly in let alone fight in. I practice FA off there, particularly range control by circling asteroids and by following NPCs INSIDE the field. Fa off orbiting is key to getting the nastier Thargoid Interceptors. I also like to track deadly and elite npc fighters, keeping on their tail as close as possible, including matching their ships' attitude. I dont even fire on them sometimes, just range control. And then of course increasing the speed at which you do everything. Even though I may not be fighting any ship, I also practice going between my pip distributions quickly. All that must be burnt into muscle memory.

Pomeche has some tight canyons that are fun and deadly to race in. Since FA on has a built in deceleration, if you want to maintain speed, you need FA off. Between the planet's gravity and turns of the canyons, I find my skills are thoroughly taxed. I use an ICourier that boosts to 885m/s.. It's very fun... if you don't mind blowing up.

Fight other combat pilots or practice in a comp nav/hazres in between grinding materials for the next reverski-killer build attempt and farming cash for rebuys.

Also, as Slange says... When we can find the time for it...

Sorry you can't hear my voice, I keep meaning to flip that setting and forgetting.

I am going to Ariel today. I have temporarily stopped grinding for engineering materials... I can't stand it anymore..... just gonna learn how to fly!
I rather enjoy visiting local megaships and CQC stations for combat scenarios these days.

More dynamic than a haz RES, and it’s new, and therefore interesting for the moment. Plus, the CQC stations are filled with lots of Mamba-sized hidey-holes that are fun to zip through.


Currently fighting war after war because our faction keeps expanding, Which is why I stopped doing missions and turning in Bounties/combat bonds there. Influence was over 86% at one point, time to chill that Beast out.

We just expanded into another system with a player faction already there, that's not supposed to happen, ticket has been submitted to Frontier. We have no missions there anyway everything is blacked out.
I rather enjoy visiting local megaships and CQC stations for combat scenarios these days.

More dynamic than a haz RES, and it’s new, and therefore interesting for the moment. Plus, the CQC stations are filled with lots of Mamba-sized hidey-holes that are fun to zip through.
Sounds interesting. But it annoys me how whenever you approach a megaship it's attacked. It feels so poorly scripted.

It would make more sense if you got a message in SC that a megaship was being attacked. Or you got missions to patrol a megaship and the attacks happened after you took one of those missions.
Compromised nav beacons has come up a few times in this thread.
I find there's not that much difference between those and haz rez. I was in a c.n.b two days ago, and many ships were competent and expert. Only one or two were elite, the rest were dangerous and deadly.
Here's a mess about on one of those mega ship defence missions that are newer...
You can look for mats to collect after each kill so its not intense action packed combat more casual...
just remember not to shoot the mega ship or it will go hostile to you...
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