[EMPIRE] Come and join Quantum Intelligence Enterprise today!

How many times have you booted up Elite Dangerous and had absolutely no one to play with? In such a vast universe, one of the most exciting things is finding other commanders that you can share experiences with. We are looking for commanders who are willing to build a dream into a reality with us. As a starting squadron, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and for your ideas and thoughts to be implemented.

Who are we?
We are a very new squadron with ambitions of expanding our influence thru empire space. Creating a name not just for our squadron but for ourselves.

What do we do?
Quantum Intelligence Enterprise (QIE) is a brand new squadron in which we want to be able to bring you many fun activities such as activities that involve;
→ Mining
→ Xeno
→ Bounty Hunting
→ Power Play
→ Exploration
→ Background Simulation (BGS)

How Do I join?
You can contact us via Inara, Discord or the Frontier Forums.

What is our playstyle? Here at Quantum, we don’t enforce any particular playstyle in order for you to become who you were truly destined to be. Want to mine for a living? Go for it? Are you more of a power player? A Bounty Hunter? We all have our preference here at Quantum and we gladly welcome yours.

I have been playing Elite for years and truly enjoy what this game has to offer. The best thing about Elite is the relationships that we build as we play. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
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