Comfy Canonn Cruise

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Everyone’s invited on the Comfy Canonn Cruise, to follow in CMDR Marxanthius steps visiting each waypoint of the Canonn Challenge (and Beagle Point)!
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Daft question - but have y'all got a shipyard o that carrier? Reason I ask is if you have a shipyard, I could bring a tritium mining drogue as well as a primary flying ship...
Damn... what to do, what to do. Or rather, which account to send on that voyage. Count me in, in any case.

Oh, and ³H is laser mining?
Just spent to last 15 hours or so building from the sidewinder a new (free epic) commander to take this ride. The account will be capable of mining with a Keelback build. They'll be on board within a few hours.
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