Engineers Coming back after a year, how do I use the xbox one controller? couple questions.

Hi, I read that if you select Classic Context it automaticlly uses the Xbox one controller layour, right?

If thats so, how can I check the layout except for the help option? Im confused, etc

Can you recommend me some guide or tutorial for coming back? I forgot a lot and I feel so lost, I have the season pass so I guess I have the engineers, qcq, etc?
Welcome back!

First off, default context is what I use on my Xbox 360 PC gamepad.
It works fine, just plug in your pad, select default context, done.

You can see all your controls from the option menu easy enough.

There are many guides to all the new features, in both this section, and the guides and tutorials section of the forum.
You best bet is to head there.

The AI got a good buff in 2.1/1.6, so be careful.
Big ships no longer roll over and show their belly, and small ships won't try to face tank you anymore.
Ranks play a huge part in AI difficulty now, your combat rank will determine the rank of NPC spawns.
Turrets are useful again, and no longer cause friendly fire incidents.
Missiles and miles also work much better. Point defence is highly recommended.
Shields are almost essential!

That's about it for now,

Fly safe!

CMDR CosmicSpacehead
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