#CommanderCreations - 08/10/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of finding some amazing creations to pick for our weekly #CommanderCreations post, so I'm looking forward to seeing what our incredible community have created over the past week! Remember you can get involved using the #CommanderCreations hashtag on Twitter, or by posting your creation in the replies to this thread. Let's get started!

Cactoida Cortexum 3D Print By LCU No Fool Like One


Not satisfied with decorations for their ship cockpit, LCU No Fool Like One has taken it to the next level by printing off their own little biological desk decoration!

Stellar Journeys Album By CMDR Nickweb85


Nickweb85 delivers once again with an incredible album for you to listen to on your travels throughout the galaxy. The album is composed of 8 tracks of chilled ambient space music, highly recommend!

Minecraft Beluga By Conshmea


Conshmea has definitely captured the grand scale of the Beluga with their recreation of it in Minecraft! We can't imagine how long this took to build, but we are in awe! Great job.

Silk Screen Elite Logo By Alec Turner


Alec Turner has been learning a new craft in the form of silk screen painting, and what better way to learn than with the beautiful Elite logo? We think you're already a master of the craft, Alec!

That's all for this week, folks!

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