#CommanderCreations - 09/07/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

Friday means it's time for our weekly roundup of fantastic Commander Creations! Remember, to make it easier for us to spot your amazing work, please use the hashtag #CommanderCreations, or post in the thread below! Without further ado:

Lego Orca By Beef1213


Beef1213 is legendary in the Elite Lego community, and they've done it again with this fantastically detailed Orca! You can find all of their builds online, so if you want to build your own LEGO Elite ship, check them out!

Python PC Hangar By Sethiest


This genius piece of art from Sethiest came about because they had space in their PC tower without the need for hard drives! They decided to not only 3D print and decorate their Python, but also place it in a well-lit hangar inside the PC - beautiful!

Lavecon 2021 Miniatures

Source: https://youtu.be/vlkvcZzqk5w

Lavecon 2021 took place virtually this weekend, and there's plenty of content for you to catch up on! This video focuses on what you can do with some Elite miniatures, especially if you have a 3D printer to hand, but we highly recommend you check out the rest of the event too!

3D Printed Coriolis Station By xDuker


We see a lot of 3D printed ships, but xDuker has taken it to the next level with this Coriolis station! It also comes with a compartment within so you can 'dock' your ship if you have one! This would be great to display on our desks in the office!

And that's a wrap on Commander Creations for the week!

Fly safe Commanders,

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