#CommanderCreations - 10/09/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

Let's end another week with a round of brilliant creations from our wonderful players! If you'd like a chance to be featured, make sure to submit your entry on Twitter using the hashtag #CommanderCreations!

ED Baking Club Mascot By Commander Fosdyke


The glorious Elite Dangerous Baking Club needed a mascot, and Commander Fosdyke delivered with this 3D render of Gunther - who is now representing the club and approving those delicious bakes.

Coriolis Desk Tidy By BeardyBeardy


This Coriolis desk tidy by Reddit user BeardyBeardy is the ultimate way to keep your pens and pencils all in one stylish place! This piece was made using blueprints provided by CMDR Arithon.

Elite Dangerous Tattoo Design By AVAKtattoer


Ever fancied an Elite Dangerous tattoo? This design by AVAKtattoer on Reddit may be one to remember! This stunning Thargoid heavy piece is sure to look amazing on any Commander willing to represent our not-so-human galactic neighbours.

Repurposed Racing Simulator For Elite By Wild_XIII


We always love seeing your custom setups for Elite Dangerous, but Wild_XIII has taken it to the next level by repurposing this racing simulator to be functional with Elite! What a great way to explore the galaxy.

We'll see you next week for more great Commander Creations!

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Coriolis is Epic!

I too, sometimes use my racing sim setup to play elite, but It's far from ideal and I really wished it had "proper" triple screen support like all the sim-racing titles I run do.
NVSurround on its own works, of course, but the side screens expect to be on a flat plane and the side images stretch really poorly.
(Not my image - but shows the issue clearly)

True triple support allows correct perspective rendering with angled screens (say 50' angles) without stretching or warping, but that's likely never going to happen, so I digress.
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