#CommanderCreations - 17/09/21

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

It's time to sit back and enjoy another round of brilliant creations from our very own community! Remember, if you would like a chance to be featured, just post your creation on Twitter using the hashtag #CommanderCreations, or link it below! Without further ado:

Exploration Montage By Lana Hyugatha

Lana Hyugatha recorded their recent exploration trip and cut it together into this wonderful montage that highlights many different aspects of Elite Dangerous, whilst also being backed by Radiohead!

Human Thargoid Tech Ship By Richard Daborn


This fantastic concept art by Richard Daborn showcases their take on a human ship powered by Thargoid technology! It's the size of a small corvette, features a regenerative hull, and is codenamed 'Charybdis'!

Laser Engraved Elite Logo By ChuckityChuck044

This laser work by ChuckityChuck044 is amazing and we must have one. It's being engraved onto very thin aluminium cards and the finished result is spectacular!

Elite Settlement Raid By The Buur Pit

The Buur Pit are taking us along on a well-executed settlement raid in this cleverly edited video featuring multiple drone shots and CCTV footage to add to the atmosphere!

That's all for this week, Commanders!

o7 CMDRs

With the 3d modeled and printed maverick helmet I shared a few weeks earlier, Zac mentioned on stream how he would love to see a full armor set of the maverick suit. The helmet has been (by far) the most complicated piece of the set to model with my software, but since I got it out of the way first, the rest was pretty relaxing to make.

A lot of hours printing, around 2,5kg of filament and a ton of acrylic paint later - I present to you, my take on the maverick armor set.


I decided to go for some sort of a "winter-camo" suited for some of the snowier places in space. It is mainly consisting out of white with some black accents. Luckily I found an fitting overall online, matching my chosen colors almost perfectly.


I used rubber belts to attach the different pieces of the armor to my body. Furthermore I used buttons to attach the shoulder guards... well... to my shoulders. The elbow protectors are able to bend around 90°. The pockets on my belt are also 3d printed and can be opened. The armor fits pretty good. I am able to move without any parts falling off and without being restricted in my movement by the armor itself.


The only thing missing for it to be absolutely complete would be the jetpack/backpack (this would be a huge task on it self) and a few minor accessories. Maybe I will try to recreate them sometime in the future. I also thought of making one of the karma weapons for the cosplay, especially the assault rifle would be interesting in my opinion.

As for now, I am pretty happy with the result and I felt confident with showing it to yall. I hope you like it! ;-)

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