#CommanderCreations - 19/11/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

It's time to sit back and take a break for 10 minutes whilst you enjoy this week's Commander Creations! Let's get straight into today's lineup:

PC Coriolis Decoration By CMDR Soliest


CMDR Soliest has decided to light up their PC with this Coriolis station! We're seeing more and more of these interior PC Elite decorations and we love them, keep sending them through!

Stop-Motion Travel To The Lagoon Nebula By BlueRabidRabbit

This amazing piece of work from BlueRabidRabbit showcases the galaxy and how your view of it changes as you move from the systems! In this case, they are getting ever closer to the Lagoon nebula!

Why Eros Is Going Exploring By Eros Madelung

This humourous video from Eros Madelung showcases the life of a Commander who has had enough of the rude people they come across in a settlement! Definitely worth a watch!

Everything Is Just Fine By KillenNick

Sound is definitely required for this one! KillenNick has taken a precarious situation and turned it into a great moment with a little help from a popular track in other space-faring galaxies.

That's all for this week!

Awesome - I did tweet it at them, though didn't really expect it to make the cut. :) going to try to keep up the silly exploration videos... or at least... as much as is doable :)
I need to get my 3d printed cockpit/joystick replica on creations at some point, it's almost finished now :) Where do I send it (it's in the forums already)?
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