#CommanderCreations - 22/10/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

It's time to take another look at your fantastic creations! If you'd like to get involved in the future, please use the hashtag #CommanderCreations on Twitter, or post your creation down below.

Lego Imperial Clipper By The Diamond Kiwi


We always love to see LEGO creations of Elite ships, and The Diamond Kiwi has delivered with this majestic Imperial Clipper!

Visit Sol Poster By CMDR M.AMADEO


Yet to visit Sol in Elite Dangerous? CMDR M.Amadeo has created this fantastic poster from the Federation to convince you to stop by the original home of humanity!

Thargoid Interceptor Art By Arkaim_K


The Thargoids lend themselves to beautiful artwork, and Arkaim_K has definitely taken advantage of that with this stunning piece.

Fuel Rats Logo Laser Art By ChuckityChuck044

The more ways we can highlight the Fuel Rats, the better! Amazing laser work by ChuckityChuck044 in doing just that.

That's all for this week!

Journey to Elysium: The Jordanna Frost story

Source: https://youtu.be/1MrmhcR482g

(OK, video keeps disappearing from post, so I have linked it here)

I have been writing and posting the Jordanna Frost story on INARA since April last year, and I posted the final episode to complete and finish the story last month. A couple of people that enjoyed the story created some things to go with it. The video trailer above was kindly made for me by CMDR Radiumio.

I have put together a post on INARA providing more information on the story and an overview of its constituent series here. The post showcases the video, as well as some of the artwork banners created for each episode for me by the incredible CMDR Meowers. The INARA post also contains comments sent to me by a few of the stories readers, as well as some feedback from people about the mental health topics touched upon during the story.

Some episodes were also written in collaboration with other wonderful writers of ED fan stories from the INARA site, and so I really wanted to post this here to thank all of those that have contributed to the story, and to acknowledge and recognise their incredible talents.

I hope you enjoy the story if you choose to read it.

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