Commanders I really need your help!

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I really could do with all of your help, I have been entered into an awesome competition to win a complete VR rig!

As I have the only Elite Dangerous clip in the competition it makes sense on only to vote for it to give the game KUDOS, :D but also to help me win a rig I could never buy!

So please click the link below and vote for Neutron Star Fight Last Commander Standing

I really would be so thankful if all of you voted for me!

Thank you for your support! :D:D:D

You need to vote for this video!

Video to vote for!.jpg

THANK YOU FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS VOTED ALREADY! All the help you have given me has been fantastic. THANK YOU! ;)
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Thank you to everyone who has already voted, what you will be giving me will be a nice upgrade, so I can play this game in VR. ;)

So if you do vote you will be making a old man very happy indeed!
Thank you both, Rep given for being fantastic commanders! ;)

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Good luck CMDR although there is an overwatch video with higher votes than you, hopefully others can chip in and get you through.
If All the commanders on here get behind me, I will win easily! ;) Honestly I am loving the support from the community, this will give me something I could never afford to buy, and be wonderful to play with VR!
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