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For me as a caregiver for my wife who has MS, we were basically stuck at home all the time anyway, due to her condition, so this isolation has become a fact of life for us.

When the "stay at home" orders came down from on high, we thought nothing of it as this is our fact of life. But for most of you out there who are used to an active lifestyle, this must be a new experience all together. For some, work at home may be a dream come true, but for others, especially with kids under foot, it must be frustrating at times to find something to do.

The purpose of this thread is for those here to share possible suggestions or ideas with others on dealing with being at home for extended periods of time.

Elite is a good entertainment and a great time waster, but too much of anything is generally not a good thing. As well, I'm sure some of you have kids which need education entertainment as well, so if any of you parents want to share ideas or suggestions for that aspect of too much home time, feel free to let everyone here know.

As for myself, I am planning a trip to a "Drive Through WildLife Zoo" not far from our location, where you don't leave your car.

My wife started an Ancestry Tree for her family and puts her efforts into that, as well as tending to her plants.

Anyone else have diversions, suggestions of ideas on making life at home more enjoyable?
At home with kids? I learned more at home than I ever learned in skool.
Change the oil in your car, check the tires air pressure, align a cars tires with a tape measure.
Balance a check book, do your own taxes. Make a savings plan.
Teach them to cook and save tons of money and eat healthy.
Teach them a good work ethic. Prolly the best one. We all have to work for what we want.
I hated every minute of it growing up. So appreciate it now.
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Teach yourself, and your partner/ kids / pets a new language, make dinnertime language-time try and use your new language as much as possible for dinner or Tuesdays
This seems more off-topic than DD.

I'm a 'carer' too in the sense you describe, my lifestyle has barely changed, I'm well aware that others with more social lifestyles are struggling with cabin fever though.

MMOs are a good way to socialise with friends & strangers, and to work towards common goals & compete with others in a way that cannot currently be achieved IRL. It is not the same of course, but in the absence of the real thing it's a great alternative.

Spend some time doing the things around the house that you've been putting off for lack of time. Tidy up, spring clean, clear out the spare room or loft, these are all short term projects with an end, tasks like gardening & exercise are endless, youtube learning is too.

I don't recommend drinking, you never know when an emergency is going to come up. If not you a neighbour or a dependant. Be prepared to suddenly change your plans, if you are drunk that's going to compromise that.
I've got my face masks and gloves should I need to go to the store, pick up perscriptions or pick up meals on wheels meals. I've had to ask my wife's friends not to drop by. I cancelled all medical appointments and my wife cancelled her physical therapy. Hospitals are not the place to be and we don't want to bother them with non-emergency stuff.

Frankly, I'm bored silly and getting no where in Elite. Now learning to fly a Harrier in DCS. Got use to a spaceship that doesn't fall to the ground when there is no power.
I don't know how many times a man can wash his truck. Yes I have 2 coats of sealant on it, good for at least 7 months. Lots of pine pollen coming of the trees at night. Comes off with a hose. Then oaks (every species and other dusty stuff comes down during the day on MY SHINEY TRUCK! I can't really do that but once a week at most, usually ever two weeks. Don't want the paint to come off before it's time. I'm disabled now, so I'm pretty used to being stuck around the house whereas I was always outdoors, fishing, hunting, yard work etc etc But I do like to get out once or twice a week and walk around a few sporting good stores including a nice fly shop.
Then when I'm feeling above par, I'll head to the Beach with a couple lures and honk at Blue fish, Snook or whatever is in the water that time of year. But stores are pretty much out of my loop (except the grocery store). The Mrs has OCD (it's a lung thing) so I have to be EXTRA attentive to what I come in contact with. For Pete's sake, I washed the gas pump handle with soap and water yesterday before I touched it. I think I'll be this attentive next flu season too. Maybe that will keep me from getting it? The Mrs reads a lot of novels so she's pretty good. I'm an outdoors guy. So I have different needs to retain a semblance of sanity. Playing ED does help though.
For the most part we're bored silly. So I've offered family to drop off a car once in a while, polish and seal the paint and trim. They know they can come in for a visit. The Mrs would love that but thanks to the Chinese (once again) we, along with the rest of the world are stuck at home alone.
Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut) released this video yesterday. Doesn't give any real specific instructions but it's pretty inspirational.

If you half close your eyes, does it look look like Chris Hadfield is wearing a Frontier hoody? o7 !!

What to do in a lockdown?
To prevent space age atrophy prove to yourself again, how easy 50 sit ups are first thing in the morning?
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Get a creative hobby, you can then never run out of things to do - in fact, you will curse not having enough time to achieve all you want to.
Learning something. Lately I've had a go at bits of maths, French, C# programming and video editing. Cooking too, but that can be overdone when you can't exercise. :)
The ball-and-chain said I should tell you to, "Drink some booze." Contrary to my usual behavior, I'll concur with my wife. Drink some booze.
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Yeah, booze might be better.
There's tons of Live Webcams all around the globe.

So even if you can't leave the home, there's countless "windows to everywhere" you can observe, maybe as close as being in your home town.
(Optional : use Google Street View to compare what you see live with the past)
There's tons of Live Webcams all around the globe.

So even if you can't leave the home, there's countless "windows to everywhere" you can observe, maybe as close as being in your home town.
(Optional : use Google Street View to compare what you see live with the past)
Someone in my community want's to know what on-line classrooms for school age kids are available?
Someone in my community want's to know what on-line classrooms for school age kids are available?
Hmm... haven't done any research on that specific niche.
For all I know, all "remote schooling" is performed in local channels (i.e. Discord or occasionally WhatsApp where no specific Software existed yet) for their assigned students and not presented to a broad public in streams, those commonly are live sessions.

In that respect, I'd try to contact the local school officials and see what or if they have anything to offer (or share with the public). If the schools are closed, they should have some plan for their students.

Some got quite creative though :

For specific topics (i.e. certain math problems), there's a myriad of material on Youtube and other Websites (use Search Engine).
So in these cases, it's worth checking those. Quality varies of course but there's a huge amount of pre-recorded explantions and instructional videos from teachers/professors worth having a look at.
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I've found it's important to keep a routine, set an alarm and get up. Both me and Mrs B are working from home but we're set up in separate rooms so we're not constantly on top of each other or disturb each other when we're on conference calls - she works for the BoE so has a lot as you can probably imagine.

Luckily we don't have kids or care for anyone so we can be a bit flexible. I live a long way from my parents so I call them every day to check they're ok. I've tried to get outside briefly every day, I've been going for a run every other day to keep fitness up and not go crazy - it's important to get outside if you can for some fresh air and sunshine, even if it's only your garden - i live in a flat so that's a no-go for us.

If you're working from home set aside some breaks during the day and have a reasonably strict cut off time
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