Commodities Information in Codex/Manual

It would be great if we could look up the Commodities that we've found/traded before in the Codex or Pilot Handbook.

Sometimes I'm looking for a specific commodity and it would be nice to be able to read the in-game blurb as to what economies tend to sell it. If the current market sells it or you have some in your hold you can click on it and get the information on it, but if you don't, then there's no way to do so without going out-of-game and looking this information up elsewhere. Perhaps not such a big deal when playing on monitor, a slightly bigger deal when playing in VR.
You can do the same in the Sell to market bit, usually lists more Commodities than what the market sells but dont think all. Havent really worked out what the restrictions are, think its just what theyll buy maybe or what they may want, guessing.

Can also go to GalMap and filter by that Commodity to show trade routes, indicates where its produced at least if nearby.

More info in the Codex the better for me though so not undermining your point, I always read through everything.
Thank you I tried checking both buy and sell in markets for the commodity in question. I did also have a (brief) play with filters in the Galaxy map but couldn't see one which allows one to filter on a specific (set of) commodities; will check again tonight. That would actually be far more useful as recently I was looking for a specific commodity (of which I knew what kind of economy produces it), went to several systems which had that economy, none of which sold it (some didn't even have a station of the correct economy type with a Commodity Market - as in, it had a station of that economy type, but that station didn't have a Market. So why advertise the system has that economy..?)
Its when the comparison bit tells you theres a nice profit on something and when you get there its illegal and no black market that puzzles me, how has it worked out the profit exactly, and this can be in the same system, how does it not know theres nowhere to sell it at that staion? Do I need legs to physically find some back street dealer or force some unwilling shopkeeper to take it off my hands? Or is it just the Market Manager at the selling station dumping old stock they cant get rid of on me knowing Im too lazy to check manually? I just avoid those goods now lol
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