[INDEPENDENT] Communist Interstellar Union [BGS][LBGTQ-friendly]

Who we are

We are Communism Interstellar (Union).
(30 second intro)

We are a multinational association of like-minded CMDRs in Elite: Dangerous. We count players based in Europe, Asia and North & South America among our number.

Founded in December 3300, our common mission is to support 34th century communists found throughout inhabited space.

Further details can be found within the forum about our policies.
In brief:
  • CIU is one of the founding members of the Border Coalition: Explore / Colonise / Protect. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/241385-The-Border-Coalition
  • Anti-slavery, we support governments that outlaw all types of slavery.
  • Peace and co-operation, (where reciprocated) with other factions, aiding in community goals and providing PvE & PvP support.
  • Non-aggression towards alien life, study and explore, but do not harm.
  • We are a collective of independent pilots, we have no leader - All members are equal
  • We do not tolerate any form of bigotry and hence are proudly LGBTQ friendly.
  • Anti-Dictatorship & Anti Corporate.
  • Sister group from ICU (Interstellar Communist Union) This is a snippet of a joint operation with our comrades from Nagii - freeing slaves during a community goal in Unibuth: (1 min 17 sec)
Contact our forum here: http://forum.communisminterstellar.com
(7 min)
]Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyIOGYsewW0&feature=youtu.be[/video]

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
Articles of Association for CIU
If you read this it will explain who we are and what matters to us.

Great to see our rebirth

The old thread was seriously out of date and we couldn't edit it at all. For anyone with a nostalgic feeling towards it its below. Its worth stating here, since it has been the source of some confusion, that we regard all communist factions as equal. While qualifying for the dangerous games we made efforts to expand and take control of new systems with our adopted faction, Workers of Manite Labour Union, and the CIU faction that frontier surprised us with. We have established a communist homeland by promoting all the local communist factions within a 60 LY radius of Manite. Currently we are working on back-filling this sphere. We have mutually supportive/collaborative relationships with all but one of our neighours and if you find yourselves on our doorstep, or vice versa, come and talk. Space is a big place and there is almost nothing that can't be sorted out.


A quick and dynamic way to communicate with us is via our joint discord server with the Border Coalition https://discord.gg/kZuPzSn
Or via our own Discord server https://discord.gg/tae5RjC Our Squadron ID is [CIU1]

We have a PS4 Squadron [CIUT] which can be accessed on the PS4 or using the PS Communities App. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/321680-Communist-Interstellar-Union?p=6862628&viewfull=1#post6862628
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Good to see a fresh new thread and a rebirth! The last one was bogged down by quite a lot of weight and they get too long to catch up on. Just thought I'd pop in to say hello again as your designated diplomatic contact.

The Diamond Frogs hope this thread can be as successful and long serving as the last and wish you all luck in your revolutionary struggle.

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
Thanks for the welcome.

I wasn't aware that we had a diplomat from the Diamond Frogs. We have had an embassy open but unused for you since January 2015 here http://forum.communisminterstellar.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=48 There you can talk in privacy to our entire collective. We are leaderless. If you have never accessed the forum please make a post in the part of the forum that you can access and ask for the right pass.
Do you have a discord by chance?It would be nice and discord adds so much towards group dynamics anymore. Good luck though and looking good.

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
Do you have a discord by chance?It would be nice and discord adds so much towards group dynamics anymore. Good luck though and looking good.

We use teamspeak ourselves and discord when flying with other members of the Border Coalition. Using both at the same time leads to some amusing incidents.

The Discord is here


All welcome to come into the bar - to speed things up, let the bouncer know what your preferred play-style is and it will speed the process up
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I wish to report urgent news of uprising in Checha area. Rogue Empire faction called Dark Armada has been systematically repressing and enslaving free people's of region. These people have spoken. They will take no more. There will be revolution by end of January in Armada controlled system unless there is a formal attempt at peace deal.

Valentina Tereshkova, spokesperson and diplomat
I wish to report urgent news of uprising in Checha area. Rogue Empire faction called Dark Armada has been systematically repressing and enslaving free people's of region. These people have spoken. They will take no more. There will be revolution by end of January in Armada controlled system unless there is a formal attempt at peace deal.

Valentina Tereshkova, spokesperson and diplomat
Hey, Mr. Run, I bet you have absolutely no idea of things to come, now that the people have called on Valentina.
I have read your post on the other thread. '... annihilate on sight...' LOL - you should correct that to '... log/high wake on sight...' because that's exactly what your pilots are doing. So afraid are you?

May you rot in darkness!

Jane Turner

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Though we have little in common ideologically with the Sirius Corps, we welcome their initiative to discover non-destructive, non-exploitative methods of countering the effects of maliciously delivered unknown atrefacts. Consequently we set our differences aside and a number of CI pilots contributed to their recent and highly succsessful community goal. We look forwards to hearing the outcome of their research. Our headquarters has been offline since a terrorist bombing early last year. We have turned down many kind offers of support from friends to repairs Irens Dock with meta-alloys, believing that there was no legitimate and ethical way to obtain them. Perhaps coincidentally, but with intriguing timing nonetheless, Irens recovered partial functionality as the first reports of Guardians began to filter in. We as yet are not clear whether there was a visitation by Guradians or simply what UA effects have a half life.

Jane Turner

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The following statement, announcing the breakdown of diplomatic relations between CI the Dark Armada was issued on January 14th 3303

I am avowed pacifist so it is with some considerable regret that I bring to your attention a communique received earlier today from Checha. I warned Mysteron of the mood of the people of Checha towards him and last week implored him to seek a peaceful resolution. This was unsuccessful.

Averi Knox said:
Friends of the global and galactic press

A change of historic proportions for the free Peoples of Checha people is coming. We have committed all our efforts and revolutionary convictions so that in Checha everything would be better for all Chechans.

During 16 hard and cruel months for Checha since the overnight Coup which led to the insertion of the DArk Armada, the Checha people's Party with its revolutionary Government in Auld Silo knew how to defend of the interests of all Chechans., our dignity, sovereignty, and struggle for Checha self-determination and struggle for .peace. The Checha People's Party heads the struggle against the rogue Empire faction, the Dark Armada dictatorship. It will live the moments of the fall of the dictator Mysteron, and moments of pain when we lose a comrade in combat. Chechan militants have learned to forge ourselves in the difficult moments facing adversity. With the rest of the Chechan people we will own rights to freedom, independence, democracy and peace on January 25th, 3303.

For January 25th 3303 at 18:30 Galactic time will be a historic moment. Chechan revolutionaries, will fight this conflict on behalf of all people. We guarantee a clean and pure process, that will enlighten our consciences. We will shine with the sun of this new free dawn, on the 26th of January. We will shine with a consolidation of democracy, the consolidation of a mixed economy, and the consolidation of a free, independent and democratic Checha, in peace. A Checha where all Chechans may demonstrate to the world that we can make these dreams, these hopes, into reality.

Just as we will succeed in overthrowing Darkenss, we will defeat any counter-revolution, and bring to trial before the Galactic Council those who provided that policy of death against Chechan people in Ahemaker, criminal acts against the people of Checha. We start this action with the conviction that we will once and for all end to the war and little peace, stability and tranquillity for the Checha people.

Thank you, comrades. Thank you, fellow militants thank you brother combatants of the Chechan Peoples Army who with your blood will fertilise this labour, defending right of Chechans to exercise their right to light and freedom. Thanks to the blood of our heroes and martyrs, thanks to the pain full of hope of the mothers of Checha. In short thanks to every Chechan comrade. We feel proud to be contributing to Checha, to be contributing to the peoples of the Border Worlds, to the peoples on the road to enlightenment and development, to be contributing in this unjust galaxy divided between the strong and the weak, to be contributing a little bit of dignity, a little bit of democracy, a little bit of social justice from this small system.


Jane Turner

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News coming in from Checha

Averi Knox said:
For 16 months the Dark Armada usurped the representation of Checha at the Galactic Council. For 16 months those who spoke on behalf of Checha in official channels were an offence to the conscience of the Chechan People. On this new and enlightened dawn on January 27th 3303, the people of Checha are once more able to represent themselves.

The triumph of the CPP in Checha will bring about the defeat of unjust positions. Attitudes towards slavery, crime, torture, theft, genocide and the exploitation represented by the Dark Armada and defended by their accomplices, Ahemaker Enoblement, and Sal y Los Perros Sonriente. Our victory tonight will result in a modest but resounding triumph for peoples who had fought for liberation, true democracy and peace. Just as the Dark Armada found accomplices, the People of Checha found comrades in Setet, Chanab, Parja, allies in the Border Coalition, and guarantees of neutrality from members of the Imperial High Council while we excised a rogue Empire faction.

The Dark Armada has no equal in the region. Mysteron is a criminal capable of bombing schools, hospitals, of assassinating women and children, young and old, of subjecting entire settlemens and systems to firestorms. Humans have been declared free in all the civilised parts of this galaxy, but other subtler forms of domination have for the most part replaced the shackles of slavery. Galactic Corporations and financial institutions are the instruments of political persuasion. we know that the Dark Armada have been the most faithful representatives of those alien interests in Checha. From 19:00 galactic time there will no longer be a trade in Imperial Slaves in Chechan territory.

The Dark Armada maintain that we have started various operating in Ahemaker, Parja, Setet and Chanab. We see all this as provocation meant to justify economic, political and even military pressure on Checha. We in Checha can not prevent the people of these systems from rejoicing in our victory. We Chechans can not prevent ouselves from becoming an example the would be of concern to notorious dictators in the region, but at the same time we have forumlated a policy designed to normalise our relations with all goverments in the region in a context of equality and respect. We will share this in due course. We will share the triumph of our revolution with free people's and those which are not yet free but are struggling to break their chains. We place on record our protest against the escalation of oppression unleashed against Setet. In our struggle for peace, for indepedence and for genuine change, we support Parja in its struggle against endless civilian attacks. We support and emphasise our solidarity with the People of Chanab. We feel a moral obligation to support any people striving for independence and freedom. The coming of light to the region is inevitable.
The dust now settled in Checha. Chechan people now control system and yet I feel sadness.

It is necessary for an abolishonist to regard all human life to be worth same. Life of a Slave is worth no more or less than life of he who takes freedom of that slave. Death of Imperialist must be regretted equally to death of noble worker. Equality is an absolute condition. We cannot pick and choose, when blood is shed, we can no more mourn for our comrade than we must for our oppressors.

Whilst I find no distinction in event of death, I do distinguish and find considerable cause for regret in paths which led to death of protagonists in Checha war, for opporunities to avoid bloodshed that were spurned. Citizens of Checha had no choice but to revolt. Peaceful protest brought no change. However Dark Armada spurned many opportunities to avoid bloodshed. They chose to ignore these, instead glorifying in pointess destruction and inevitable loss of capitol.
  • Had Mysteron sought clarification of terms of Checha accord rather than withdrawing from it, he would have found it allowed much flexibility and with that clairty would still be in control of Checha.
  • Had Mysteron not reneged on the Checha accord and issued his own ultimatium, Dark Armada would still be in control of Checha.

  • Had Mysteron accepted offer of honorable battle of Champions over dispute in Parja, Dark Armada would still be in control of Checha.
  • Had Mysteron accepted broad terms agreed between CI and not one but two Dark Armada envoys, then Dark Armada would still be in control of Checha.

  • Had Mysteron heeded warning about plight of Checha citizens and probabiltiy of revolution, Dark Armada would still be in control of Checha

So it must be regretted that one man's narcisism and vaingloriousness resulted in so much loss of life and for no purpose. I hear from Communism Inerstellar that they are in complex talks to arrange alternative government for region, for they still have no intent to expand furthe into region. Campaign was defensive in entirety.
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I fear your words of wisdom are wasted on those types, Valentina. Their 'leader' (sorry to all leaders for the insult!) day-dreams about becoming the next emperor. The Dark Armada has no intention to peacefully co-exist with us or anyone else. Honorless bunch of cutthroats who they are, they even murdered their own citizens when they thought that would help their evil plans! Miseryon completely underestimated our ability to protect our territory. Now we are on the offensive, and Checha is only the first system to shake free from Miseryon's tyranny. More will follow!
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