Community-generated NPC chatter in lieu of off-camera Galnet stories

I was thinking back to something like (warning, some definite NSFW submissions) where users get to submit memorable (or not so memorable) quotes, they're queued for submission, reviewed, and posted to the site to get rated by other users. But in this case, we can give FDEV user-submitted NPC dialogue, they curate it for language, content and quality, so we get to expand the available lines of NPC chatter to maintain some semblance of vibrance and life to the Elite universe.

Please consider this as a way to add some flavor to the game instead of having every disappointed pirate's children going hungry tonight, wedding barge unable to write their wedding vows, and every cruise liner being among the top 1% of cruise liners out there.

Bonus points if you can get NPCs to trigger contextual dialogue off each other like they're having a conversation.

It's been suggested before, but it bears repeating. It's a great suggestion.

FDev could create headings for each of the situations where NPC comms is given, open it up to the community for a few weeks, someone from the developer spends a few days going through and vetting them, and boom, hundreds more lines of NPC chatter.
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