Community Known Issues: Aliens and Research Interactions

I vented my spleen a bit over in this thread... but that basically inspired me to create this post: A location for all known/significant issues related to Aliens and/or research interactions with things (such as anomalies or lifeforms at Notable Stellar Phenomena). There's also an increasing amount of people who are "late to the game" hitting the same old bugs a lot of us have hit previously, but feel it's possibly of-significance.

A bit of housekeeping: I'm not about to create Issue Tracker tasks for each one here; I like to collect proof of an issue before reporting it to help out FD, and that takes in some cases a lot of effort, but please feel free to create one yourself, though I heartily encourage you; collect videos/screenshots where appropriate and include as much info, please don't just go "Dis broken, fix plox" as I imagine it's not particularly helpful. If you put up a good ticket, i'll try to link it here. Mods, please feel free to edit this OP as you see fit if I miss things. There won't necessarily be categories for everything either.

Also, please don't use this thread as an opportunity to wail on FD, it's staff or the "quality of the game"... there's plenty of other threads around to do this in, and I'd like this to just be a useful resource for anyone who isn't sure if behaviour in the game is "business as usual", or a bug. Additionally, it's hopefully a good place for people to review bugs with linked issues which they can vote/add reproductions to.

  • Research limpets don't always retrieve a tissue sample.
  • Interceptors post-hyperdiction sometimes "bug out" and just sit idle in space.
  • Some obelisks produce the "Incorrect Cargo" message from Ram Tah when attempting to get a scan, even when you have the correct cargo. (Note: This is not getting "no message", which is normal behaviour if you already have the message provided by that obelisk)
  • Incorrect obelisks can "Light-up" in ancient ruin/Guardian structure sites when multiple players are in an instance
Space-borne lifeforms
  • Molluscs appear to be "scoopable", but cannot be scooped. [video] [issue]
  • Molluscs are valid Research Limpet targets, but limpets always fail to attach.
  • Anomalies appear to be "scoopable", but cannot be scooped. [video] [issue]
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