Community Meeting Efteling 2019

How are the plans of you all? Friday won't be possible for me this year but I could make it at sunday for a second Efteling Day. For some of us, it's already sort of a tradition to visit two days, so I would like to know who might be there at sunday again. Based on this I will make the final Tour Setup ready because I'll visit at least Walibi Holland, Walibi Belgium, Bobbejaanland and Plopsaland over the week following the meeting. I'm just not sure yet if I should do a Day more to visit Duinrell and Drievliet. One Day for both Parks should be fine since they are small and near to each other. :unsure::D


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I will most likely be visiting Efteling 3 days 2 days in a row; Friday 5 July, Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July 2019, so I'll be around if you want to visit the park together on Sunday. :D
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I'm in the Netherlands and France during July (Disney!), i'll visit Efteling during the week before or after, though. After all you wouldn't want me there, right? :giggle:
(Don't worry, it's a rhetorical question)
skeptical Let's..not get into this further in here. I think it's best, if i stay away during that weekend. Best for all sides. Too much water under the bridge.
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