Community Meeting Efteling 2020


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Hayo coaster friends!

We are pleased to announce that we will be organising a new Community Meeting in Efteling this year! The meetings in Efteling in the past 3 years were a great success and we look forward to meet all of you again in 2020 in this wonderful theme park!

Community Meeting Efteling 2020

Saturday 11 July 2020

Time and location
The location where we will meet before entering the park will be on the left side in front of the entrance building, outside the park. We plan to meet everyone around 09:30 AM, after which we will enter the park at 10:00 AM. The park will be open until 10:00 PM local time (CEST) (may be subject to change).

The organisation will once again only be the date; everyone is responsible for their own costs such as park entrance tickets, parking, transport, overnight stay and/or food, drinks and souvenirs, and everyone is responsible for their own health and safety.

Would you like to join us? Then please let us know!
Are you planning to join the Community Meeting? Then please let us know by informing Joël by replying to this thread or by sending a DM. If you have any questions about the Community Meeting, then please also let Joël know.

We have a dedicated Discord server that we use for sharing information about this and other Community Meetings, as well as for keeping in touch in the park, for sharing pictures and videos of our meetings and for chatting about Efteling and other theme parks in general. If you are joining us for this Community Meeting, then you will receive an invite for this Discord.

We are organising a Community Meeting in Toverland on the day after the Community Meeting in Efteling. If you are interested in joining us in Toverland, then please let us know. The Community Meeting in Toverland will be on Sunday 12 July 2020.

We look forward to meet everyone again and have an awesome day together in Efteling and Toverland!


For more information about Efteling:
For more information about Toverland:

This Community Meeting is planned to take place on Saturday 11 July 2020 (Efteling) and Sunday 12 July 2020 (Toverland). However, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus it may be required to cancel this Community Meeting if local unforeseen events prohibit this Community Meeting from taking place. Unforeseen events may include closure of the parks, local travel limitations (quarantine) and other rules set forth by the local authorities. As such, I strongly recommend not to buy tickets far in advance.

Association, organisation and responsibility
This Community Meeting is not associated with Frontier Developments, Efteling and/or Toverland. This Community Meeting will be organised by the community, not by Frontier Developments, Efteling and/or Toverland. Frontier Developments, Efteling, Toverland and the community members organising this Community Meeting do not take any responsibility for anyone who is attending this Community Meeting or events that may or may not take place during this Community Meeting.
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Tip for overnight staying before or after the Community Meeting; you can stay quite close to Efteling in the NH Hotel Waalwijk. An excellent hotel with good breakfast.

It’s just a few minutes driving to and from the park by taxi, and there’s a Kiss & Ride point at the bus stop next to the parking area of the park.

Another (more expensive) option is to stay in the Efteling Hotel, which has its own entrance to the park (near Vogelrok).


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For everyone who is more into zoos than theme parks and is living in (or within acceptable travelling distance of) The Netherlands;

We are currently looking at possibilities and dates for future Community Meetings in zoos in The Netherlands, such as Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp), Burgers' Zoo (Arnhem), Ouwehand Zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen) and other popular zoos. I will announce those Planet Zoo Community Meetings in the Planet Zoo forum as soon as we know when they will take place. Those meetings will be organised by the DeLadysigner community.

🦁 🐼 🐺 🦒
Seriously excited for this already! It was amazing meeting such a lovely community last year and it's always nice to go back to some now familiar (and also new) faces. 😁

Anyone reading this who hasn't been on one of these before, it's honestly a brilliant opportunity to make new friends and just have a good laugh all the while. :)
Well, it seems I've finally got a date for booking days off from work. Thanks for the early announcement, I'll let you guys know as soon as everything is safe. :D

I guess there will be some of you guys already there at friday, like the last years. As always, I take those meetings as opportunitys to build a whole themepark Tour for 4-10 days around our meetings. I'm absolutely interested to start out with friday and saturday at De Efteling and joining you guys to Toverland on Sunday this year.

I'm also interested in a Planet Zoo community Meeting aswell, so I'll have a close look at possible events on the Forums over there.

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It's always good seeing everyone. I've only missed one Efteling meet up (2018) and last year a few of us went to Toverland the day after.
It was a brilliant weekend, so I can't wait for this one.
Hey Nemmie 👋 I am very much looking forward to meeting you there again :D You have been absent in Discord for quite some time :unsure: Would be neat if you could stick your head in from time to time :D
:eek: Noooo! I never get to these because it's always just at the wrong time :cry:
This is the Saturday after the school I work at breaks up, and I have to work the last day. Unless there are flights late at night and I can make it to Efteling for the morning, I'm going to have to miss this one too :(
I hope you all have an amazing time! Can't wait to see pictures
Already wrote it in the Discord, but wanted to post it here too.
Am really looking forward towards joining you again this year! :)

Will be even more of a blast than previous year! :cool:
(Join us)
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I hope some of the CMs can come along this year again! We had such a wonderful time with our PlanCo Fam last year, we'd love to see you all (and hopefully new PlanCo Fam members thanks to console) this year at Efteling!
I hope so too! We will be honoured if you are able to join us in Efteling on Saturday (and maybe Toverland on Sunday).

As always, we will keep your status on 'maybe' until you can give us final confirmation that you're coming along again :)


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These are the current numbers for the upcoming Planet Coaster Community Meetings;

Community Meeting Efteling | Saturday 11 July 2020
22 members attending
12 members maybe attending

Community Meeting Toverland | Sunday 12 July 2020
5 members attending
12 members maybe attending

For everyone: if you'd like to join these meetings, then please let me know, so that I can put you on the list, so that we have an idea of who to expect (and the total number of members joining us).



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For everyone interested in Planet Zoo Community Meetings:
I have announced our first meeting for 2020, which will take place in Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp), The Netherlands.
More information, discussion and questions and answers in this thread.


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Community Meeting Update

Efteling and Toverland are closed as of 14 March in order to prevent further spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

Efteling said:
In consultation with the Brabant Safety Regions, we have decided to close the entire World of Efteling until April 6. We will inform you about the current situation via our website.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that Efteling and Toverland will be open again for our Community Meetings, and we will keep you updated in this thread if anything changes about the Community Meetings.

I have added a disclaimer to the announcement post.

More information can be found here: Efteling | Frequently Asked Questions

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Community Meeting Update

Hayo coaster friends,

The Dutch government has announced that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all meet-ups of people (no matter how many) are now forbidden until 1 June 2020, in order to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

This currently does not affect the Community Meetings that we have planned for Efteling and Toverland. However, if this regulation is extended beyond 1 June, then we may have to cancel these Community Meetings.

Please stay safe and think of your own health and the health of others, especially vulnerable people. Please follow advice, guidelines and regulations of your government and local authorities, which include;
  • Social distancing: keep at least 1,5 meter between you and other people as much as possible
  • Only leave the house when absolutely required
  • Work from home as much as possible
  • Stay at home if you’re not 100% healthy, for example if you have a cold, are couching or have a mild fever
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid any physical contact with other people
Please adhere to the above as much as possible, even if you do not fear the virus yourself, do it for others such as elderly and sick people.

Thank you very much, and please stay safe everyone! ❤
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