Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

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As you've most likely heard, throughout January we'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary and we want you to celebrate it with us!

Over the last 25 years, there have been amazing moments and moving memories and we want to hear all about them. It's a birthday, so what's a birthday without presents? In sharing your memories with us, you'll be in with the chance to win an awesome set of prizes (see below!)


How to take part:

To take part all you need to do tell us your fondest memory about Frontier games, events or moments on any one of the below social media posts - or here on the forums. So, whether that's a memory of docking for the first time in the very original Elite, releasing your first raptor in Jurassic World Evolution, or hearing Peter Sallis reprising his role in Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo.

We can't wait to hear them!


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Grand Prize

  • Jurassic World Evolution (platform of your choice)
  • Planet Coaster (PC)
  • Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition (platform of your choice)
  • Elite Dangerous Ship Chart
  • Planet Coaster Vinyl
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm Pop Vinyl Figurine
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Full-Size Headset - Red/Black
  • Corsair Gaming MM300 Extended Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat - Black
  • Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini
  • Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz QuadCore 8MB Cache Processor

Runner-up Prize (25 runners-up!)

  • Game, DLC or an Elite Dangerous Store Item of your choice - 1 per runner-up

Terms and Conditions

  • Share (a comment on the provided social links or on this forum post) your fondest Frontier memory
  • One entry per person. Subsequent entries will be discounted.
  • Winners will be picked at random from all entries across the forums, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Competition starts 8 January 2019 and ends 28 January at 16:00 UTC
  • Winners will be announced during a stream on 1 February at 12:00 UTC (
  • Prizes will be distributed in the week beginning 4 February 2019.
  • Objectionable or offensive content will be disqualified.
  • Frontier Developments has the right to remove any entry at their sole discretion
  • Frontier Developments will own the copyright of any text submitted and will have the full rights to use the text in any promotional material or future activity.
  • Frontier Developments employees are excluded from participating in the event.
  • Frontier Developments reserve the right to exchange any prize for a prize of similar value.
To be completely honest, it was when my friend came back to Elite after they had gone out to Colonia back in February of 2018. I had never explored, never left the bubble and really had no interest in it. That changed with 3.3 with the return of my friend, so on a whim I decided to head out of my comfort zone. Even with an engineered ship it was still a long journey but when I got there and saw them in their Dolphin with 18ly jump range it was humbling. They wanted something better, so I helped them fit their ship a bit better and eventually helped them get into a Krait MkII. Roaming around on planets, mining out in the 'frontier' of space and finding things neither of us had ever seen before was well worth the trip and is easily one of my fondest memories in any game.

So thanks for that, for providing the means for us to create new and exciting memories.
I am sort of new to the Frontier world. But I would have to say it was following along with all the Jurassic World dev videos and then finally being able to play the game on my PS4. Would love to win the grand prize to be able to play Planet Coaster as my current PC is too slow haha! Congrats on 25 years guys!
My first contact with Frontier is when I saw my older brother playing the original RCT and I watched him play it. I got so hooked on him playing it, that I got the game myself and been hooked with the series ever since. When I heard about Planet Coaster I got it right away. Now Planet Coaster is my new addiction and love. I also love playing Jurassic World Evolution and got it when it first came out.
Well for me it’s easily got to be playing Jurassic world evolution for the first time. It reminded me so much of the many hours spent enjoying its predecessor all those years ago. I’ll never forget releasing my first dinosaur that struthiomimus may be small but it’s now a huge memory. Thanks so much for all the amazing work put into this game and all the other fantastic titles.
Well my fondest memory is playing planet coaster game with my son. We play together to make the best coaster. It was one of the first and few games we played together in the earlier days. Congrats for 25 years and Good luck for future plans.
I've been following the Planet Coaster development for some time. I watched tons of the live streams on You Tube and followed a bunch of the amazing fans that have created videos like Geekism, DeLadysigner, maskedbandit and others. Over the summer I finally got a gaming PC capable of running Planet Coaster.....bought the game, and eventually bought a couple of the DLC packs. The game has been a lot of fun. But my fondest memory was working with my daughter on a ride for my park. We took inspiration from something Geekism did and made our own twist on it. It was a lot of fun.
The insanely simple joy of delivering goods from A to B when I first started playing Elite Dangerous. I loved playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and basically wanted that game in space and lo and behold, there was E:D.
When I for a first time saw station damaged by Thargoids and started help with evacuation.


Short story written after this:

"Good morning, sir. Do You know about the latest Gallnet news about the Pleiades region?", has asked Deborah (my NPC buddy), once I have entered the offices in the Marsden City in Yaroklis. She continued, "it looks like there are now three Aegis stations badly damaged by some newly discovered Thargoids variant called Medusa, and all these stations must be evacuated. Damage must be really bad, normally are these stations able supply inhabitants also in the state of construction or big reconstruction."

Forlon remained silent for a while and checked latest news from the region. Then he replied: "It really looks that they may need help from everyone who can be available. We have here some obligations like usual, but I hope that our boss will not kill me, if we will spent some time with helping evacuating these stranded people. Please, start immediately preparing the Dark Queen for emergency operations. Armament will be anti-human, I still consider "humans" as a threat for such operation higher than are aliens. We do not have any relevant information why were these stations attacked, and sources of data which I checked right now are saying that these aliens appearing in local area were not attacking unprovoked. We also may need more heatsinks devices, local docks seems are really hot and high temperature can kill us ways faster than all human or alien threats altogether."


Only two hours later was anaconda with callsign Dark Queen ready for take off. Course to the Pleiades was set into navigation computer and last stop, before the dangerous area, was chosen in Celaeno system. After dock in the local wealthy Coriolis station (with great views on surrounding asteroid field and close huge white Sun ) were checked all emergency passengers cabins and ship has been refuelled. Once it was done, was a time to go to the Taygeta system, only 2 jumps away, where was located one from the three damaged stations called the Titan's Daughter.


There is a huge difference between watching the news and experience something by ourselves. Dark Queen has left from the supercruise close to the Titan's Daughter and there was waiting a scene like from the hell. Deborah was with Forlon on the bridge and both only silently for some time observed that horrible state of this big space station. But then, finally, an emergency call have disrupted theirs stunned minds when the Dark Queen arrived closer to the damaged entry of the station.


Forlon ordered: "Deborah, I need you on lower deck asap! There are many scared civilians waiting, which will want boarding quickly. We do not have much time and every mistake can be the last. Problem however is, that passengers can be taken only up to the cabin's life-support capacity. I know that they can handle little more, but not under current conditions. This is also the main reason why you need to be there personally." After this he have cleaned his mind and started fully concentrate on docking. Station inner space was full of hot air, exploding debris and emergency radio messages. First heat-sink was needed when was ship only half way to the designated pad. Fortunately docking operations were still working under emergency protocol, and therefore immediately after Dark Queen touched the pad, she was quickly moved down into the hangar.


Passed less as ten minutes when Deborah has reported that all the passengers cabins are fully used, and that ship is ready for take-off. Forlon slowly pulled controls up and big ship left the pad. There were all these emergency sounds and red blicking lights, so he totally overlooked checking the ship's temperature. Ship was already in movement through the mail-slot when suddenly started one by one failing ship's modules."What the hell is this?!?" thought Forlon in the first moment and in next moment he struck the button for heat-sink. But that system was also damaged already and ship engines suddenly went silent. "How bad it is?", asked Deborah through hand communicator. "Are our passengers only up to to the cabin's life-support capacity?" replied Forlon. "Yes, they are. I needed use arms as threat, but we do not have any one person above limit.", said Deborah. "Good, then we were lucky", replied Forlon and continued: "Please inform all our guests that ship systems will reboot now. Cabins are designed for this kind of situations, and reboot will bring our damaged systems back on-line.".


Most of ship's modules were in "red" condition but all were functional and there was luckily only very short travel needed. When Forlon saw evacuation ship after they has left the supercruise he breathed a sigh of relief. It was time to ask for docking permission and repair the ship after will be all passengers safely released. Dark Queen slowly reached the end of the long queue of other waiting ships and the preparations for landing has been started.

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Honestly, it's quite hard to filter through 4 and a half years of awesome memories, i've met my Best Friend on Elite, and i'm far from done with it...

I think the best moment i had was back in 2.2, it was quite a simple moment, but fond memories nonetheless :

I was on the surface of a planet, in one of those Ehrilch City-like Spaceports (the big round cities), just casually strolling around.
I had just gotten back from a Colonia trip, my first one and the farthest i've been from 3447 yet, and i was honestly quite exhausted with the game, having finished the trip in a 7000LY sprint.
Screenshotting my way through the city, i looked up and saw a strange effect on the towers, like a light scanning down the whole city, got back to my ship (a Cutter), surfaced, just to see the System Star appear over the horizon, with the shadow quickly panning down the cockpit.
And it was pretty (reshade helping a bit)
Just a simple Sunrise, but i was in awe, the Sun rising over the Horizon, with all the shadows panning on the ground,, the idle sound of the ship, of the spaceport and the ships passing over me, for a moment i forgot it was all a game, and it felt real...
That is my fondest memory of a Frontier product yet, and i sure hope it'll become outdated soon...
The Enigma Expedition, hands down. To watch a group of CMDR's rally around DoveEnigma13 and carry him out to Colonia as he was battling cancer was truly something to behold. It restored again my faith in humanity to know that there were indeed good people out there. That, despite our spats about combat logging and board flipping and OMG teh nerfbat; there was still good in us and we did right by our fellow man. And to watch the laser show and hear the overwhelming emotion in his voice as he arrived at the Dove Enigma....and then the music swelled and the chaff went off? It was a surprisingly moving and profoundly satisfying experience. o7 CMDR Dove and community, oh bleeding seven!

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Fondest memory? Jeez that's a tough one.

I was an original '84 BBC micro Elite player so I have definite (but alas now vague) memories of first opening that black box containing the Dark Wheel, the Gazetteer, the star map and ship identification guide and more besides - such riches! Oh ... this was gonna be good! (and so it proved to be). Those memories are actually so poignant that if I dwell on them I fear I may actually weep.

Fondest memory? I guess it has to be this.

Going on the craziest adventure yet. Distant Stars Expedition to Messier 67 on a one way trip to chart the cluster. It's a beautiful and and unique place. I ended up staying up there for 6 months, before taking my place with my fellow explorers at the Anaconda Graveyard (thank you for the POIs!) Also thank you for listening to us during the beta and making Neutron and WD jumping possible the way it is today. It's a testament of the game Frontier has created, and the imagination of the community on how to utilize the game for all sorts of fun scenarios. Can't wait for Distant Worlds II.

We spent countless hours mapping the entire cluster and had a blast doing it.





I'm an original '84er, loved Frontier Elite II the most, but they've never compared to the memories within Elite Dangerous. Nothing beats making and sharing memories with friends.
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My first encounter with Elite (and Frontier) was all the way back when Voyager 1 was discovered (I think). I saw an article about it on Facebook and I thought that was awesome because I havent seen many space games do something like this. When I finally managed to get my SOL permit a while back the first thing I did was to find Voyager 1. After some bit of travelling, I dropped out of super cruise and just listened to Voyager 1. I probably stayed there for an hour. I couldnt stop smiling. I was also very surprised when I heard my country's language on it as it isnt widely used.
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Very early after launch. No clue what I am doing, had managed to upgrade to a Cobra and got froggy enough to go explore the Eagle nebula area. No money, mediocre modules, did it anyways. Most fun I have had trying to figure it all out and not die. After that I was hooked. To this day, I am the most happy when out in the black.
Being there when Redwizard presented the then Unknown Artefact in game for the first time. Spooky. Exciting. And utterly mysterious. Totally unforgettable moment not just from Elite Dangerous and Frontier, but since I first played a computer game, which happens to have been an old wire frame space game back in ‘84. Thank you to David Braben.
My fondest memory is when Paige Harvey and I nerded out to Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb. Not only has the Frontier support team and the community managers been steller, you got a rockin' lady on the community management team!
We played the original Elite on the ZX Spectrum 48k and Commodore 64k. I say we as we played it two player style. One was the pilot thus had the joystick while the other was co-pilot doing all the targeting and firing of missiles, ECMs, and of course the Energy Bomb. Plus all the other keyboard stuff.

What stands out in my memories is docking with some station and seeing "incoming Missile" and spamming the ECM key in a panic, before we both realise it says "Incoming Message" - in the same place as the missile warning. A deliberate ploy no doubt. The complete surprise of having a mission was mind blowing.

Although as I'm typing this. I remember playing on my Spectrum and I had docked in a station, and left it on over night. To my utter surprise was a screen saying that due be a long term resident of the station I was being awarded with some made up honour or status, I can't remember the details now. Never saw it again, nor heard of it from anyone else.
I signed up just to share this.. Zoo Tycoon. I spent countless hours playing Zoo Tycoon (and Kinectimals... and RCT3) with my son. He has always had an enormous love for animals (We even got tickets to see Jeff Corwin live, and he wrote him a letter to give to him at the event) - He started playing Zoo tycoon (the original) before he could even read! He would build enormous zoos and then let all the animals out and just laugh! He lived and breathed Zoo tycoon for a loooong time. Then you released the xbox version and of course, we had to get it! And again, spent so much time playing it! So thank you for giving myself and my family great games that allowed us to spend so much quality time together and give us great memories!
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