Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

I remember playing the original game as a kid.. I say playing, more like pushing buttons, and crashing out. Then as a teen, FEII came out, and it became my guilty secret (That everyone, of course, knew). People had nintendo super mario, street fighter in the arcade (thanks 147 in Queens Street for after school fun) etc, but I would come home, get the homework done, and sit on that for hours.

Of course, then girls etc came on the scene, and other games were afoot, but those evenings are some of the best of my gaming life, and whetted the appetite enough that, 25 years later, I am trying to convince my son the benefits of learning how to explore the universe (Fortnite is winning atm though :()
My fondest memory? Well. I am playing Elite Dangerous for about 11W and 4D ingame time..... Over 1900 hours.... That are a lot of memorys! Mostly good ones. Some ones. Very few OMG ones. Thanks for giving me so much fun being whatever i want to in a great spacegame!
In 1985, when I was still 13, my dad bought me Elite on my C64. It was a game I did not want but he got it just the same. I ignored it for the first month because I had many games to play on my new computer. Then I decided to give Elite a shot and tried it and kept playing it for a very very long time. I distinctly remember running up to my dad shouting 'I docked, I docked' when I managed to do so for the first time. It was in Zaonce. Roll the clock forward by 30 years and I requipped a Cobra Mk3 which I fondly named Dad's Gift. Flying a Cobra again was a huge memory in itself, but it was nothing compared to seeing my 79 year old dad using my Occulus Rift and taking the co-pilots seat (using my alt account) in the Cobra while I took him on a tour around Sol, flying around canyons, etc. He kept kept astonishing hinself and reminding me that once I did not want this game. This is what Elite is to me. Thank you Mr. Braben for making a little boy happy by giving us ED, something even better than the Elite 4 I waited so long for.


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For me it was when I found out that Elite Dangerous exists back in 2014. Being a massive fan of FE2 and FFE, and still playing FFE at that time, I was ecstatic! It was too late to back the game on Kickstarter, but Premium Beta 2 was still available. The price made my heart stop for a bit, but I didn't hesitate. Never regretted that decision, game itself aside, it allowed me to meet SO MANY amazing people and get involved in a few initiatives. 4 years later, I'm a leader of the biggest Elite community in my country with hundreds of very dedicated people and I have my own YouTube channel, which started to grow incredibly fast, after I centred it around Elite.

The best thing is that it's not over yet and I'm looking forward to continue this journey. Granted, there were ups and downs, it's still an incredible experience to be part of all this. <3
My fondest memory :
Discovering the galaxy map for the first time and imagine that it was possible to visit each star. That was totally mind blowing !
Frontier Elite 2 was my first time playing a Frontier game, and my fondest memories was gazing at the Galaxy map for the first time and imaging how big it was.

At the time, I didn't realize it wasn't the full Milkyway, but now when I gaze upon the Galaxy map in Elite Dangerous and travel pass Ross 154. My hidden memories resurface to a time I once visited that system, but not realising why I know that system; that system meant something once, but I forget why, but still I smile when I see it.
Who doesn't know the feeling of the void. The gnawing loneliness as mere inches of enforced glass divide you from the cold vastness of space. Countless time I turned around from my ventures into the void for fear of becoming a lost one. Then one day a fellow Commander joined up with me and we went on a trip together towards Sagittarius. Although we lost each other from sight, we made sure to meet up every now and then. On our meetings we watched the night sky of distant worlds. Climbed mountains. Paid our respects at the graves of a few lost souls in the black. It took as 2 or 3 long months, but finally we made it. As I felt the rush of excitement over my accomplishment, all those fears of the void have gone away and many trips including a half-circumnavigation of the Milkyway to Beagle Point followed. Now I am looking towards Distant Worlds II and cannot wait to face the Darkness once again.

That first trip to Sag* with my friend CMDR Cypren Mulari will always be in my heart.
I have numerous memories of frontier games, mostly centred on the Elite Franchise, I remember my brother playing the original Elite when I was only at primary school, I wasn’t allowed to play! But I was fascinated.

My fondest frontier memory however wasn’t until 1995, I had just left secondary school. The previous year my family purchased a caravan and we ended up parking it on the front drive. During the summer of 95 I asked my parents if I could sleep in the caravan while the weather was nice, they agreed so I hooked up the power and moved into the caravan!

My new Commodore 64 come with me and I setup my first man cave! I don’t think I left that caravan for months, I was playing Frontier First Encounters for most of my waking hours, I though those full motion videos for the characters was amazing!

In my spare time I did some reading about the game and learned of the story missions, once I learned about the Argent's Quest I wanted it so badly (mainly for bragging rights to my older brother) eventually I got it, not exactly sure how long it took me but I was still in the caravan and I was so happy! I think I went further and eventually got the Thargoid ship too. I also I vaguely remember having to take a photographs on planets, I seem to recall that was quite a cool feature, this should definitely be added to ED at some point in the future!
I have so many fond memories of Frontier games. I think though my fondest is of getting Frontier Elite II for the Amiga, inserting the disk and waiting for it to load as the amiga floppy drive makes its characteristic sounds... then it stopping and seeing an intro animation that totally blew my mind. Gaming back then I was so used to seeing intro videos that presented things that where in game but not quite as you experience them, so when presented with the familiar pink and purple scene that is Merlin in Ross 154, the gas giant Aster in the background I thought... Can I go there? And proceeded to do just that, and crashing into it. I remember it because of the sheer excitement it gave me. I could go anywhere I wanted, so anything I wanted. Elite II was like a learning experience with many stepping stones. My first manual docking at a space station, nerve-wracking, my first manual ground landing at a port... elated to get down in one piece, my first surface landing and deployment of an MB4, a Friday night, that saw me run down stairs because just had to show my parents what i'd done! A memory that will stay with me forever.

Frontier Elite II was what excited and drove my interest in astronomy and science in my younger years. It is part of the reason I am where I am today and am what I am; a researcher and scientist who maintained that inner child like sense of wonder.

Choose just one fond memory? It is a difficult task indeed.
I have a habit of remembering my hilarious failures more than I do my successes. I think my fondest memory of Frontier was just after the Elite: Dangerous Horizons release. I was not yet fully aware of everything involved in a planetary landing, had done a few with good success, got cocky and came in fast on a moon for a passenger mission and promptly pancaked my AspX into the side of a small moon with passengers on-board. Worst. Taxi. Ever.
I have too many great memories from the Elite Dangerous era!

Getting to know the fabulous CM team, you guys are legends
Visiting Frontier Towers
Going to the Expo
Going to the Launch Party
That 1st time I took a ship out in "Ethics and Credits"
The 1st time I saw a Coriolis - gotta love Port Zelada
Dropping Clouds of Biowaste inside of Port Zelada
Visiting Colonia
Visiting Sagittarius A*
Seeing a Thargoid

and of course the pure love that is flying a spaceship!
I love the Twitch streams you guys do. Especially the one were you all played instruments and played Planet Coaster songs! That was amazing!! We want more of that 💜

Btw the stream deck is not from Corsairs. I think that's a typo.
Best memory was from Elite Dangerous when me and two friends went exploring and found a high g planet they were both in asp explorers and I was in an anaconda they landed safetly but me I didn't really land more like straight up crashed and burned while they made jokes about it :D good times LOL
Mine have to be, on the original Elite, finally being able to consistently land, cross the dreaded station slot! :)

On this one, it has to be finally getting my Corvette, after a lot of grinding! Visiting Sag1! Also finally being able to play FA off! After almost 13 weeks of playtime, i 'm still discovering stuff to do on the game that i haven't done before, like going to a secluded area of the bubble, mapping and working the factions!

Happy anniversary Frontier and thanks for the games!
I first learned of the Elite franchise only in 2015, when the game was annouced at the year's E3 as the first Xbox GPP title.

I'll admit that I didn't know what to expect, but when friends told me it was about spacecraft, my inner geek was curious.

So I purchased the game once I had the cash spare.

My fondest memory of my early days with you?

Easy. When I was in an Xbox party chat with my mates, playing for the first time, and they taught me how to open the galaxy map. They made no mention of what I was about to see, just telling me how how to zoom out.

I was speechless. Seeing that massive galaxy... It was a dream come true, FD, a dream came true that fateful day.

And look where I am now. No game has captured my attention & imagination like Elite Dangerous. Doubt anything ever will again. I will be telling my nieces & nephews in years to come, stories of my adventures in the 34th century.

Frontier, thank you. Just, thank you.

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Played Elite on a Commodore C64, got my "Cloacking Device" for the Cobra MKIII (deliver Military Blue Prints) to a Station far away.
Made it! (Had alot CRedits for Emergency Escape Pods to avoid fighting, because every NPC wanna that Blueprints!).

Felt like Roga Danar in ST-TNG 3x11.
I was at one of the stations in the Pleiades, during the time of the return. I was attacked by an interceptor as I was docking, while all other cmdrs scrambled to defend the starport. I turned in my mission and although I had no weapons fitted to my keelback, I loaded my cargo rack with pesticides and took off. I then tried to force feed the Thargoid the fore-mentioned pesticides, in an attempt to poison it to death for the duration of the combat, achieving nothing but having fun and making other cmdrs giggle when I revealed what i'd been doing. high 5's for thinking "outside of the box" and stuff. good times.
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