Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!


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Fondest memory. That's a tough one, and I have several.

I could mention the first time I went out exploring as a relatively new cmdr and visited the Veil West Nebula. Not far from the bubble I know, but for a new cmdr it seemed like a long ways away. Seeing those colours was incredible!

Or the first visit to a Barnacle. That eerie sound when you approached, and that alien look of it was creepy as heck. I kept expecting it to suddenly jump out of the ground and attack me :D

Visiting the first Guardian ruins was also an eyeopener. Finally there was something other than rocks and bases to visit that you could interact "properly" with. Having hung out with Canonn during the UA/UP mysteries, it felt great to be able to hang out with the same people in our SRVs and trying to solve what felt like an actual puzzle.

The first thargoid attacks also bears mention. Docking at those stations was incredible. The sounds, the heat build up, and the constant cmdr traffic. An awesome moment that pointed to something more...that we're still waiting on ;)

My "fondest" memory however is quite recent. Donning the Rift for the first time and finally being in the cockpit! Nothing beats that feeling! The immensity of the ships and the game was suddenly apparent on a completely different scale. I finally felt like that "one small cmdr in a huge galaxy". It was a great feeling!
I am very new to Frontier Development. I discovered you guys just as you were set to release Elite: Dangerous 1.0. My favorite moment, besides all of the time I've spent playing (28 weeks plus), was when I went to research E|D. I found a game set in a scale model of our Milky Way galaxy. I was stunned. What a great idea, and an arduous task. At that point I didn't even care how I would get around, or what I would do. I just wanted to be out in that vast setting, I'll find something to do.

My second most favorite moment? When I found out how enjoyable my time 'in space' was. Just having the opportunity that E|D represents was a wish, one that I didn't even know i had, come true.
Best memory was the first thing I did when Elite Dangerous was released, returning to Lave. Felt like returning to a place I left on my Commodore 64, 34 years ago :)
Honestly, everytime something in Elite overwhelms my comprehension. E.g. the first time you use the galaxy map and zoom all the way out yo see how little of the game you have actually seen. Or the realization that your actions in a system, really do effect the economic/political futute of the system.

But mostly i like neutrons.

Thanks for many great games over many great years!
Fondest memory has to be approaching a station in elite dangerous and hearing the station voice radioing me my call sign 'Zulu Uniform Bravo...'
That was a perfect little addition but so simple and just gave another level of richness to this amazing game. o7
Pretty simple, really. Something I've never forgotten, 25 years later. Waking up in the morning, starting up Elite on my C64, and finally going to bed well after midnight, having never taken a break other than toilet duty. Even ate while playing the game. I've only just started with Elite Dangerous, but I've named my ship "The Edible Poet" in memory of the original's quirkiness.
Exploring Sol-system and searching and locating zodiac signs of the northern hemisphere.
This realism of stellar forge is, for me, one the greatest feature of this game.
My favourite moment was probably a few years ago now when I first made my minor faction and it was put into the game, beforehand I had been trying to get people to join me and by the time the minor faction was put into the game I had maybe around 30 people who were eagerly waiting with me. This was all when I was quite new to Elite and was still flying a Viper, I now own all three of the big ships, we had been waiting around a month altogether (still using old system of putting factions into the game). When we finally got put into our home system Acantha we were all ready to start doing missions so we could expand our faction further, we ended up doing so many missions for our faction in such a short amount of time that this happened:

This was definitely one of my best moments in the game and from there on we grew to be what we are now with nearly 200 members and we've become more than just a in game faction, our Discord has become a nice community where we all speak to each other, none of that would have happened without player minor factions so for that I'm grateful.
Fondest memory....
I have so many, having played since the very beginning on the C64.

Learning to dock unassisted on the C64
The first time I fit a full set of military lasers on a Cobra
My first Thargoid kill
My first Thargoid kill flying reversed using the rear laser
Buying my first galactic hyperdrive
Making Elite, then losing my Jameson to a floppy disk corruption and having to make Elite all over again.

All of these are great, but I think my fondest memory is the first time back in a Cobra Mk III during the Premium Beta in the Pill. It quite honestly felt like coming home. I'd played on the C64 for years, then Frontier and First Encounters on the Amiga and my first 286 PC, but when I first set foot into a Cobra cockpit again after all those years searching for a game that could capture my heart like Elite had, it almost reduced me to tears...
I say almost, it took getting into a Cobra in a VR headset to actually do that, but that first time back in a Cobra will live with me forever.
My fondest memory in a Frontier game... That's a hard one! I actually think that might be yet to come with DW2, but well, here is one lovely moment in ED, and I got to remark, that I played a LOT of Frontier and First Encounters on my Amiga in the 90s and later on PC, also always returning to First Encounters from any space game so far because I kinda felt home in the simulated Milky Way:

I ran the game for the first time, sitting in my Sidewinder. I opened the galaxy map.
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my fondest memory was playing frontier elite 2, 1st game in the series for me. I use to spend all my free time playing this game with my uncle. Late nights drinking black coffee and admiring the space opera music trying to reach my next destination. Awesome game!
A few awesome memories, while forcing myself to remember the initial rush of playing Elite Dangerous on the ZX spectrum and after that on C64. I must be getting old. A bit older than the game i guess, coming up on 50 this year. I think the pure freedom of the original game is what i liked the most. It was so different from what was around back then... And it still is. I was so glad (and a bit saddened that i missed the kickstarter) to see it rebooted. This felt truly like coming home (to space). Great great game then and now, first time boosting up a neutron star, traversing 20000+ LY to colonia, the sights, the thrills of seeing the first thargoids. So many fond memories already!
My fondest, and oldest memory is when my best friend introduced me to Frontier Elite II on his PC.
He then setup his Commodore 64 so we could play "together".

After a few failed attempts at, well doing anything, I was getting the hang of it.
My best friend at the time, had been playing for months.

So I asked him, has he ever managed to dock without autopilot?
"No" he replied, "it's not possible".

A few moments later, I was gleefully approaching a starport, and I said "Hey, watch this!"
And proceeded to dock flawlessly without any autopilot at all.

He basically never spoke to me again after that.


But I'll always be grateful he got me into Elite.

The earliest I can remember of a frontier game was the first Elite. I recall the trumbles, sure, but for some reason the descriptions of the planets were often amusing. I still recall something about a planet being remembered for its hoopy night life. Whatever that means.
I bought the Original Elite ( C64 ) for my sons who were then late Teens and early Twenties but Women and Alcohol were more important to them so I started playing the game and got hooked.
I suppose my first high was when I could afford a docking computer and second high was making Elite.

Elite Dangerous came along and I suppose both of the above were highs but getting a Cutter and launching fighter somehow added that little bit extra to the game and of course getting through the horrors of 1.6
I think my fondest memory was when I first stumbled onto a white dwarf (the original version thereof) in Elite: Dangerous. (I'd not played any of the prior versions of Elite, although I'd heard about Elite and been curious for some time.) For a moment I had no idea what I was even seeing, except that it was blindingly brilliant and that my Sidewinder was threatening to catch fire. Then I just had to sit and stare at it for a minute, reveling in my first sight of a wonder of the galaxy, close up, even as the smoke continued to rise from the panels of my ship. (In fact I was actually capturing video at this very moment, and thus that moment is preserved for eternity, or for as long as YouTube lasts at least, in DarkenSpace episode 1 "Hope", and I'd like to think that the soundtrack cue I composed for that scene accurately reflects how I was feeling at that moment.)
Sorry, low english level. I played original Elite first time in ZX Spectrum, I was 12 years old, was awesome, next elite I played was Elite Dangerous, for me the best space sim ever, now 3 years later I continue playing daily. Thanks Frontier for this game.
My fondest memory of Elite: Dangerous: the only thing that really stands out is how into astronomy I’ve gotten since I started playing Elite: Dangerous. Astronomy quickly changed from something I’ve always had an interest in but knew very little about, to a hobby. I seem to recall asking for telescope purchase advice in the Astronomy section here shortly after I signed up (and wow, it was amazing seeing Jupiter’s moons for the first time). And oddly, as lonely as it is being in the black, it has helped me connect with people and share my new hobby with them (after all, most people have an innate fascination with the stars).

Something thing that really stands out though: when I was in high school, a distant relative who worked for an aerospace company invited me to a college lecture she was giving, and I understood one word...”gravity”. I was disappointed that it just made my brain hurt. After getting into Elite, when I saw her later, I was able to actually engage in a conversation, instead of just sitting there with my brain hurting (a conversation that started when she noticed my laptop’s wallpaper of my SRV on a deep-orange, mountainous planet). Since astronomy developed into a hobby shortly after I started playing Elite: Dangerous, I’m happy to give Frontier credit for steering me towards astronomy. Thanks Frontier! Happy Birthday!
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I’ve been playing since ‘84
My funniest memory is more recent though.

At lavecon, a few years ago, the galactic intern was doing his usual biscuit review, in which my wife got up to participate, he didnt notice at first, but did a double take and said ‘you stay right there’ and got her another biscuit.
She was dressed as an Orion Slave girl, still makes us smile :)
fondest, well its more like enduring memory..

I had a spectrum 48k, 1986 my enduring memory is of a small spare room not good for much , I was 22 living alone in a maisonette the spare room had a table a tv and my 48k speccy set up with elite I had a leatherette easy chair and no light just the light of the game reflecting on my whiskey glass, when I entered that room I was the commander all you needed was a little imagination , that's wat made the game … and that's why im in the game now

o7 …. see you in the black
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