Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

Individually it would have to be the first time I was interdicted by a Thargoid. Just peacefully exploring and jumping between systems when the warnings began to sound. The ship dropping from hyperspace with all systems offline. Looking around in confusion, ice crystals forming on the cockpit glass before hearing a strange sound as a truly alien craft glided into view and slowly pivoted to face my ship. Watching in awe as the alien craft lit up and began to change, spreading the petal like vanes before blasting my ship with a powerful light. Then watching it glide away setting my ship into a spin. Simply amazing and one of the greatest moments I've ever experienced while gaming.

As part of the community it would be participating in deciphering the mysteries surrounding the Formadine Rift and the Unknown Probes and Artefacts. Being driven to explore the universe in search of it's secrets led to reaching Elite in Exploration and still stands as my favorite activity in Elite: Dangerous.

Thank you for making so many great games and Congratulation on 25 years!
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My most fond memory was way back in 2008 when my dad introduced me to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I loved making the craziest attractions with my dad. Weather it be a normal coaster or one that plunged well below the surface, my dad and I made it all. As I grew older I got into career mode and had a tone of fun trying not to plung into debt from building a single ride with one too many loops. I had become so fond of video gaming after playing RCT3 that I started to get into so many more games to see what I was missing. So I can safely say that RCT3 is the reason why I love video games and joined the Gamma phase of Elite Dangerous.
What is a fond memory of Elite Dangerous?

I have a few, but one that comes to mind at this moment is when I purchased my first Cobra MK III, the USS Trocar. Yes, I know that prior to purchasing the Cobra MK III I had purchased the Hauler, Adder, Eagle MK II, and Viper MK III, but it wasn't until I owned and outfitted the Cobra MK III that I felt as though I was advancing in my commander career (mainly because the ship is multi-purposed). I was able to do better paying cargo runs, have better success at RES sites, CZ sites and bounty hunting, and have longer hyperdrives during exploring. Obviously, the best part about it was that I was able to have all these features without having to switch ships.

Yes, much like a high school teen who has memories of his first car, such as I have with the USS Trocar. I have many other ships now, much bigger and more profitable, but I keep my Cobra MK III in my fleet, occasionally paying the ship transfer fee so I can have a leisurely drive around the local systems of the galaxy, as though taking a drive through the country on a Sunday afternoon.

And when I do these leisurely cruises, I am able to look out the front window of my Cobra MK III and see the expansive space that is before me, speckled with dots of light and colorful clouds, and I am reminded that there is so much to do.

Yet, in that same moment, there is some bitterness, because I also am reminded that there is so little time.

Yes, so little time.

But the bitterness ebbs, and I turn up the music. I engage the hyperdrive, pointing the nose of the Cobra MK III to the next system, and when the countdown starts, I begin to wonder what will happen next.

And that's the best thing about life.

Wondering what will happen next.


Hi, even though not a prolific poster here I’m glad to be here among ED pilots and this community and I’m more than happy to share with you my fondest memory.

It was upon reaching Colonia after a two week journey in my trusty stead, my Asp Explorer. What an epic trip that was experiencing Neutron stars for the first time and acquiring the skills to utilise their power for a 130+ly jump. Simply amazing. In my video I trust I captured some of that magic for you all to experience.

Cmdr Voodoo
My first long-distance trip outside the Bubble. I had read and seen so many stories about how long such voyages could be, but as the saying goes, seeing is believing. It was only around a 26KLy trip (VIP sightseeing, 50Kly round trip), but after what seemed like several hours of jump-honk-jump, and feeling like I was making good time, I checked the galaxy map and... I'm only a quarter of the way.

Across the Inner Orion Spur.

With two more sectors to cross after the Spur.

I then realized how big the E:D galaxy was, and started having my first 'what's out there?' thoughts. I hope to one day find something good to brag about.
It is rather a challenge to pin down one moment, I think the best experience came from finding a game developer that LOVES what they do, and caring about the community. Recieving a email from the community team letting our little group know we had a minor faction added into the game that we can play with was news that both surprised us, and made us super happy:)

Keep up the great work Frontier and happy 25th anniversary.

I have played many, many hours in Elite Dangerous, and I have many, many memories in it.

One of my most exciting moments was when I was still very young in the game, and the game itself had just launched officially only a couple of weeks before.

I had dreamt with getting an Asp Explorer to get lost in the immensity of the huge Milky Way simulation that Frontier has created. Back then, credits were hard to come by and the prices of ships were, in comparison, astronomical! (pun not intended?)

So, I had just discovered the joys of rare running -buying exotic, unique commodities that increase their value the farther you sell them- and had just designed a "loop" route that used to take me to 10 different systems around the civilized bubble of star systems around Sol. Each loop reported around 500,000 credits. I needed over 5 million for my dream ship.

Last run on my T6, a small haulage ship that loyally took me to all of these systems, and decision needed to be made: invest all my money into buying commodities on this last run, exposing re-buy insurance and all, but earn the money for the Asp, or, play it safe and go for less cargo and run an extra run afterwards?

Impatience is a bad advisor for success. But, oh boy, it's such a sweet voice! So, I went all or nothing. And launched into the void for a last juiceful profit, I did.

Arrived to destination system, and the station where I am going to sell my full haul of goodies is some 5,000 ls away. I set course, and I am happy, so ever happy, I will finally get my Asp.

A bleep in the radar...a hollow square appears behind me in interdiction ensues...

Next thing I know, I have been knocked out of Supercruise... and this huge, shiny, beautiful white ship paces in front of my windshield.

Majestic and threatening all the same, this Imperial Clipper deployed weapons and through the comms, demands me to stay put for scanning or face its deadly lasers.

I had never seen an Imperial Clipper before and I had never been interdicted before. I had no idea how pirating worked, but I knew that all my earnings, all my profits and dreams were there in my haul. Maybe more importantly, I had no idea I could eject cargo, and with that ignorance in mind, I was certain he was going to blow my ship up in order to get some of the valuable cans I was carrying.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, palms sweating as the "scan detected" message showed up in my screen...

I hitted max throttle and went for the run! The chase is on! the pirate's threats in the comms!

I didn't know how to boost -I was that noob- and I later learned the Clipper was among the fastest ships in the galaxy in spite of its size...but the fact is, that I, somehow, that day, escaped this pirate and went back to super cruise and flew straight to the station!

Half an hour after docking, i could still feel the adrenaline shaking my hands and body!

I've made it! What a glorious moment in the life of my commander!

For the station all around my ship, it was just another regular business day, bustling with ships and selling rares.
My best memory has to be the first frontier game i played which was Roller Coaster Tycoon on PC. I fell in love with that game at a young age and tried to keep up with all the new games as they came out. Ofcourse elite dangerous is one of my favorite games of all times also now. I love EXPLORATION. That was my first Elite rank I earned in ED. Thanks for all the great content.
My first time playing a Frontier game was playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I played that game non-stop, my favorite thing to do at the time was to go to my best friends house and play on my laptop while she played on her desktop. We'd play to see who could clear objectives faster, some great times. She is my wife now and we still play, although now we take turns playing Jurassic World or Elite Dangerous on the Xbox One. Great memories.
My fondest memory –there is not one.
After moving from CP/M to Dos, I discovered Elite and it became the game of choice. I enjoyed many of its’ aspects.

Decades had passed before I had learned of Elite Dangerous. I was amazed at what it had to offer and immediately purchased the program. The broad variety of what a player could do was enjoyable, as I set myself on the road to devise how to determine what was the best trade routes, mining opportunities, and how best to clean an area of pirates, or pirate the pirates for profit. This of course was before I learned of the BGS and how to play inside of it.

This would have to be one of the more enjoyable aspects for myself; playing inside the BGS. Within reasonable constraints a system could be flipped to become more profitable for trade, mining, or pirating; depending on the flavor of the month. Working inside the BGS and Power-Play, added more spice to life in space.

This begets my more recent adventure into that of story writing -adding behind the scenes commentary for reader’s enjoyment.
My favourite memory is when i first played Elite Dangerous. I did not know about the elite series but i knew about ED and assumed it was a single game. I saw various videos of ED but never got around to playing until the Xbox One release and then started playing it since. My fondest memory was first buying it and booting it up. That feeling of being in a 1:1 galaxy on a scale i could not even comprehend at that point getting thrown in the deep end with my trusty sidewinder. All of the knowledge i gained over the next year was just me and everything in game, i rarely googled how to do anything for ED as i wanted to learn it myself. I miss the day of being worried that i would get scanned as i try to dock in the dock at 300m/s. I guess you could say the cluelessness of the first year playing elite is my fondest memory.

Thank you for the fondest memories of any space-sim i've ever played.
Fondest Memory?
When I realized that i refitted my whole desktop to ergonomic gaming with a HOTAS System, I exclusively bought for Elite Dangerous, and managed to persuade my girlfriend to rent a bigger condo - which led to a change in our life that started with a proposal to her. So for that I'd like to thank you.
Happy 25th FDev!

I’m a huge fan of Elite. I remember back in Ceduna when I was 14 playing Elite on my Commodore 64. I remember how excited I was when I got the military lasers for my Cobra and how they shot out from the front of ship, and the sound of them hitting.

I skipped the next iteration of Elite due to establishing a career and raising a family. I wasn’t really into gaming and this was evident when I seen an ad for Skyrim on TV thinking it was a new movie coming out. Then after discovering it was a PC game, I very soon had my first gaming PC. After playing Skyrim for a while I started Googling names of games I played as a teenager and came across Elite Dangerous! Needless to say, I dropped Skyrim like a hot cake, bought two copies for my Son and I and started playing Elite Dangerous as the one and only game I play.

By far my fondest memories of Elite Dangerous is the feeling of shear rapture when I saw the graphical quality of the game and that immersive feeling of flying through space. On top of that was discovering for the first time what an on-line multi player game was. It was so great to be able to play not only with my Son, but to also discover other players in game from all over the world! I still have the clearest memory of my Son and I in our Cobras meeting a man from Greece in his Anaconda. He introduced us to our first in-game player group and after years my Son and I are still with them; we now have so many good friends from all over the world - thanks Frontier [up].

I’ve played every aspect of this great game - most are superb - a few are iffy - and now I have a couple of commanders, and to date I have invested $1275.94 AUD - not including hardware;), and are still very eager to see this game getting bigger and better for years to come. So now I continue making new memories and have settled into enjoying the one part of the game that I’ve found the most satisfying, the background simulation, and all the challenges and mateship that comes with it.
Elite on my Apple ][e back in '85 or '86 was my first flight/space sim. I played with a simple two-button joystick. I spent hours and hours roaming the known galaxy. It sparked my love for flight sims and I was elated to hear about Elite: Dangerous coming out. The learning curve only added to the immersion. I bought an Oculus Rift and Thrustmaster HOTAS specifically to lose myself in this incredible game. It has been an ongoing treat, and every time I enter the game, whether 2D or 3D, I get to take a little break from my normal reality and become the space-ace I was back in those first days of 8-bit Elite in my youth. Keep the servers open and the content coming, I'm strapped in until the end.
...and thanks for the anniversary discount. I'm getting another account for pure exploration!
o7 Frontier!
I have continued to play the various versions of Elite, OOlite, Pioneer, and the other Elite clones for the last 25 years. But my best day was the day I heard that David was starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new version of Elite, with modern HOTAS controls, Graphics and PC Power. It was a dream come true and I signed on immediately. And Frontier has delivered all that and more. Elite is definitely the best space sim currently released and continues to amaze me with each new update. I hope that it will continue for many years more.
I have quite a few over the years. Back when I played Frontier Elite 2 I remember the fun of making runs until I could afford the next level ships and docking while being shot at my an AI that wouldn't give up.
In Elite Dangerous it's been when the Horizon's update came out and I was able to land on planets.

Happy BDay guys.
When we were kids, my best friend's parents had an Atari ST. We played the original Elite together for months (well mostly he played and I watched).
Most of the time we couldn't even dock without crashing the ship. But still we tried and tried again.
The Blue Danube is imprinted into my musical memory from this day. The shape of the Station still is the first thing that comes into my mind when i hear that music.
Naturally one of the first cosmetic items i bought for Elite:Dangerous was the wireframe Coriolis bobblehead.
Minha primeira experiencia com Elite Dangerous foi a mais ou menos 2 anos em minha primeira viagem pelo espaço no modo aberto, (depois claro de aprender o basico). O jogo não tem o nome de perigoso a toa, pois quando estava saindo de um salto me deparei com um par de estrelas binarias pela primeira vez, elas estavam muito próximas naquele momento eu fiquei tão fascinado pela experiencia que acabei invadindo a linha de limite orbital de uma delas e acabei saindo do super cruze e para meu desespero não tinha instalado na nave ainda um modulo de refrigeração a temperatura começou a subir, o coração a acelerar parecia real, luzes piscando pra todo lado, mensagens de alerta e fumaça do lado de fora, naquele momento entendi a verdade do jogo, trazer o jogador o mais próximo possível de uma experiencia real de viagem espacial. Quem se interessar pela historia pode perguntar que conto o final. Esta foi só a primeira experiencia porem ao longo deste tempo todos os dias acontecem coisas diferentes e emoções novas espero um dia ter tempo para poder escrever um livro a respeito. Parabéns pelos 25 anos e a toda a equipe de desenvolvimento.

My first experience with Elite Dangerous was about 2 years on my first space travel in open mode, (then clear to learn the basics). The game does not have the dangerous name for nothing, because when I was leaving a jump I came across a pair of binary stars for the first time, they were very close at that moment I was so fascinated by the experience that I ended up invading the orbital boundary line of one of them and I ended up leaving the super cross and to my despair had not installed in the ship still a module of refrigeration the temperature began to rise, the heart to accelerate seemed real, lights blinking all around, alert messages and smoke of the side of out, at that moment I understood the truth of the game, bring the player as close to a real space travel experience as possible. Anyone interested in history may ask that I tell the ending. This was only the first experience but throughout this time every day different things happen and new emotions hope to one day take the time to write a book about it. Congratulations for the 25 years and the entire development team
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i was looking for a space sim that had much more than previous space sims i had played. i found elite back in 2015 and have been playing it since then.
it took some time to learn everything and it has been loads of fun.
there is still so much to do and see, im sure we will be seeing you all in another 5-10 years :)
thanks and happy birthday!
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