Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

My fondest memory.... Simple.

I started playing Elite on my Acorn Electron back when I was young free and sometimes single. I managed to reach the dizzy heights of Elite status too!
I then stumbled across the BBC Elite emulator many years later and was automatically hooked again, but didn't really have much play time being married with daughters.
Then Elite Dangerous arrived and that was it. I got it for the PC, then the Mac and finally the PS4 (my current preference due to slow performance on the desktops).
One day my wife walked in and said, "you really like that game don't you?" to which I said "I love it, it just gets better and better".....
Two days later, and without any prompting she came in and said "I've just upgraded it to Horizons for you, you may as well have the latest".
She smiled and walked out of the room.........
The first time i went bounty hunting in my Corvette, It killed ships so fast compared to my old Fer-De-Lance. Was really worth saving the money and the rank grind.
It was just some minutes ago. I'am flying The Aida on the way back from a long distance passenger mission when i suddently discovered some stellar phenomena in the traikoa sector.
Well, i decided to have a look and maybe scan it. Never had seen such big crystals in space. Suddently we got sensor contact with something, i don't know what it was, never seen such a thing.
Somethings definitely lurking out there and we made the hell outta there. I couldn't risk my passengers life. I don't know what it was, but it scared us all. Evil is coming...
Gotta say that my current favorite moment in Elite: Dangerous was the first time I found and exploded a cored asteroid. That was a fantastic experience - cranked up my sound, settled back in the chair, and listened to a nice massive explosion all over my ship. It was great!
Elite on the Commodore 64 was th first game I remember rushing back from school to play night after night, it was a social experience a whole bunch of friends were playing it and comparing notes and data. It was brilliant fun.
back at the launch of elite dangerous, i always remember my first encounter with a distant star. dropped into system inside a viper without scan , looking around show me a little shiny dot. douring the journey to it, it become bigger and bigger, it was a star, with other planets orbit around, and ton of moons, simply amazing
I can still remember Elite on the Amiga 500, with its typrewriter-effect mission briefings. The missions were so mysterious, since nobody knew when and how they did appear. I can still remember figthing the "Constrictor", the insanely difficult mission 2 (escape pod trick), the Supernova, the cloaked Cougar and finally the Thargoid Space station.
Some of the best days of my childhood.
My fondest memory playing Elite was the first CG (if I remember right) in Maia at Obsidian Orbital after 2.4 dropped. Me and a lot of SDC members were in Gunships, with full fixed double shot frags. I also was running a Grom FSD reboot missile. This was prob the most fun week I have ever had in Elite. We were killing ships so fast, we were making gifs out of the kills instead of videos.

Here is a few highlights in this video from that CG.
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A long long time ago…. when silicon was at the beginning the matter had to take shape there was only one console ...... Atari 2600.

The world still had to know the future, a future where it would explode suddenly bringing knowledge where we find it today.

That future where everything started is called Commodore !!!

Nobody knew, nobody could know, but a star was about to be born was the Commodore 64.

That star so bright that all sorts of development of video games took shape, there was one in particular that the generations could not, and will never forget, the best selling game is the most famous in the world, Elite.

Then, like all the stars that exhaust their lifeblood but which give rise to an even bigger star from which every form of life would take shape... that Star was, Commodore Amiga.

From here it was born and took shape Elite 2 with a graphic, and a new evolution where it is today with a technology to the maximum of realism we know it with the name Elite Dangerous.

Sleepless nights, explored galaxies, uncovered planets, all in 1:1 scale, in the Milky Way galaxy, this is Elite Dangerous !!!

Created by David Braben, founder of the frontier, today we have the most realistic space videogame in which we can be immersed to visit the Milky Way galaxy.

CMDR T.J. Kirk

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Taking my valiant Adder into the (what I considered then) to be the depths of space.

It is just around the block from Obsidian station....give or take a couple of hundred light-years.

I was building up cash to buy an Asp.

This little ship was what "made" elite dangerous, feel like I was playing Elite again. It was the first Multipurpose ship.

I had to gather my family around to show off the "second" seat, the cup-holders.
It was this magical dream of flying around those early starter systems, and hauling that adders backside to the first CG, and then into the mining gold rush, when a dwarf star or neutron start, yanked me out of supercruise. Now returning there with flaring plasma has a totally different feel.

And let's face it, no one ever forgets their first hutton run.

Using my souped up Adder to defeat "the code",

or when I glitched and fell into a a thargoid base.

Or that time i got intercepted in my Adder by a thargoid.

So many moments.
My fondest memory of Elite: Dangerous definitely has to be seeing a planet with an atmosphere. I don't remember which it was exactly but it was earth-like and had water and life on it. It was just so surreal seeing something like that in a video game.
Fondest's playing the original 1984 Elite on my C64...back then...many moons ago. :D
ED brings back so many childhood memories!
My first Thargoid fight in my Ati-Xeno Conda. Dropped in to a threat 8 and immediately had to run away. Learned how the numbering system worked that day and it was an amazing experience all around to see such pandemonia. Loved it. Then I went to a threat 5 and slapped a Cyclops around a little lol.
I haven't played any Frontier games prior to Elite: Dangerous, but I have so many memories from that that it's hard to pick one standout.

I've found Twitch communities involving Elite that have really helped me during a bad year, I've featured in a clip posted by the Elite Dangerous Twitter account, blowing up my SRV in hilarious fashion, and with Dom's help I even made Ed explain what a Fuel Rat is.

I think probably one of my favourites though has to be when I helped a new commander out, and particularly, on my trip to Colonia in December, I invited her to multicrew and showed her her first neutron star. It genuinely brought a tear to her eye, and I felt privileged to have gone from a new commander last January to helping a new one on her beginnings and then being able to show her that. On another day when I returned to the bubble we both went on our first journeys to Hutton Orbital too.
So many memories from Elite onwards.. Just a few highlights..
My first exposure to elite, back in 1984. I was visiting my cousin and he was playing elite on the Acorn Election. I saw that spinning cobra and.. I was there!.. in my mind it was just.. real. He even let me write the prices down on his notepad between Lave and Diso. A year later, it was out on the zx spectrum and that was that.

Many years later Elite 2, became the first game I had an overnight sessions with. Started playing it at 6pm and stopped at 6am when I had to go to work.

and from then on.. way too many to mention..
I think I can finally arrange my thoughts on the best memories I have had with Frontier Games.

I think my first encounter with Frontier was Elite II. My father introduced me to the world of gaming and for my birthday, being also very interested in space, he thought this would be the perfect gift. Elite II quickly became one of my favourite games and it has a special place in my heart still.

Though, Elite II is not the fondest memory, many many years later Elite: Dangerous was released. Of course my head went "hey, that's a title you remember! Let's go to outer space!" And that is where it all went wrong. (Not really). The first moments in Elite: Dangerous were just awe striking, the sheer size of the galaxy, the possibilities, a whole galaxy for me to explore!

After many hours, days and weeks of trading, I could finally avoid a ship fit for my needs. The Diamondback Explorer. More and more amazing worlds were there to be found as I went further and further from my home system. This absolute love for exploration, documentation and research would soon give birth to something I never thought would happen: A social media account purely for a fictional character within the Elite universe. Every time I start up Elite I wonder what strange and impressive worlds await, but one thing is for sure, I have rarely invested this much time and effort in video games and I hope that I can keep investing time almost every day.

In short, my fondest memory in all these years is indeed starting my own expedition and contributing to the countless collectors of screenshots and mapping project, it is almost like true astronomy.

Frontier, thank you for an amazing 25 years and especially for an amazing 3 - 4 years.
Discovering my first fully unexplored system in Elite. had 4 stars, 3 gas giants, and an ELW, that's when i realized that I was in the game for the long haul. Cheers for making such a beautiful universe!
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