Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

I remember playing the original Elite on the BBC Micro at school, but I think the fondest moments were on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 with the Soaked and Wild Additions. So many hours spent building parks, with all the community additional items as well, it's a game that lasted many years. But I have a feeling that Planet Coaster is set to become the new fondest memory, as it's just getting better and better with each new update.
I've been disabled for almost 37 years now (I lost my left arm in a motorbike accident in Feb '82), and when I first played Elite on an Amiga 1000, it was almost impossible for me to achieve much. I was hopeless at combat, and I could never make much money doing trading. In the mid 90's I finally switched to PC's. The PC's, and computer games, got better over the years, but I didn't bother getting the later versions of Elite (the memories of struggling to play Elite were still vivid in my mind).
Then I heard about Elite: Dangerous, in early September 2014, and I bit the bullet and bought it. Although I played the beta/gamma a bit, I only really got into it after the 16 December 2014 release. I have no regrets at all about buying it, as over the last 4 years, I have thousands of hours of estimated playing time, and 3 profiles at Triple Elite. This is something I couldn't have dreamed of back in the original Elite. Since my Amiga 1000 joystick only had two buttons, of which both fuctioned as button #1, and having to use a keyboard at the same time as using a joystick is impossible for me to do. Voice Attack, a joystick with multiple buttons and a throttle slider, have been huge help to get beyond my disability, and Elite: Dangerous is my favourite game by far.
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My favorite moment of ED so far has been dropping into an asteroid belt and then proceeding to dock in a station built into an asteroid.

ED provides some mind blowing moments and I’m excited for what’s to come! Thanks Frontier!
My fondest memory?

I played the original Elite(s), and coming to Elite Dangerous I have been astounded by the scale, the immensity, of game universe created. I still marvel at the fact that Elite Dangerous could be made to work in such a expansive galaxy; our Milky Way.

I can happily spend a day jumping around star systems in civilised space, or I can happily spend months traveling to the outer edges of our galaxy with the stars numbering in the billions. I can even land on planets and explore!

No other game, of this type or any other, provides me with the atmosphere and inspiration, the vibe that Elite Dangerous creates for me.

My fondest memory is Elite.

o7 Mr Braben and Frontier Developments!

o7 all you great Elite gamers!
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I think the first time I dropped into a white dwarf system and marvelled at the site of it. Imaging what it must be like out there and being all smiles when I look up at my own night sky and think "I might be able to go there! Let's try." Thanks for the change to dream big from our little blue marble :)
I was a kid when I played Elite the first time on my father's C64. As a kid you compensate the lack of pixels by a surplus of phantasy, so the living room became a space ship bridge, and the travel did not end when the computer was switched off, but continued in the rooms of our flat, my own room being the captain's chamber, and my window giving me views to the stars around our spaceship at nighttimes. Today, childhood phantasies aren't a very vivid thing for me anymore, but now I now can compensate my lack of phantasy with VR pixels. So everything has its time.
I've been loving Elite Dangerous since it's preview release on xbox one. After three years of badgering my brother to try it he finally joined my wing and we've been smashing pirates ever since. The best experience I've had is squeaking out a win in a fight we had no business being in. (Anaconda + 2 Fer De Lance Vs Alliance Chieftan + Vulture) It took us a good couple system reboots to be able to limp back to base and we probably didn't make much money after repairs but it was totally worth it for the thrill.
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Ok, so in my case my most a memorable experience from Elite happened around 2 years ago. It is not only my best experience from Elite but from any other gamer I have ever played :D!!! And I am 37 years old :p

Ok so this is what happened:

One of the faction i am allied with send me a "TIP OFF" message telling me that if i went to the System Wattunukam and to some coordinates in one of its planets, i would find a cache from a smuggler. So i decided to give it a go.
After getting there, and spending some time looking for the location I landed my Asp Scout and continued the final part of the search in my SRV. When i finally arrived i was disappointed there was only 5 containers with random items in them.
So after such a long search i decided to take them with me to get something at least. So i called in my ship and started to scoop the containers.
At this point there was a hollow square in my radar which i had to max length, but thought it was my own ship since i was focus on scooping... until my ship appeared in my radar as a bright green hollow square! , another player!!
You must understand that was in shock. How was that possible? What are the odds of bumping into another player on the surface of a random planet, which i must add has no stations, settlements or anything of interest on it. A completely deserted planet,and a big one by the way!
So I selected the ship in my contacts panel and it showed He or She was piloting an Anaconda. So "ok" i though, lets see, maybe he/she is nice. I have encountered tons of friendly CMDRs, so hopefully this is the case once again. Nevertheless, i am a very experienced PVPer too, and even if i always give the benefit of the doubt to every player, I know there are some aggressive oneS too around and there for i am always ready for action and i am very precocious.

So having this in mind i thought the safest thing to do would be to run and board my ship asap, and then wait and see. If it would turn to be a nice guy then fine, but if the guy was trouble i felt very confident that i could try to deal with him or in the worst case scenario escape in my Asp scout. Since my ship is very modded i know that if the player is not very good i could have a chance even with such an under powered ship in comparison, but if the guy turned out to know what he or she was doing i could outrun the anaconda with out problems.
So i started to move as quick and fast as i could toward my now landed ship. Unfortunately my ship landed between me and the anaconda. And on the way I noticed i would not make it in time since my ship was at that moment 800m away and the anaconda was only 2 km and approaching.

I also couldnt stop feeling uneasy about the whole situation, and something was telling me the CMDR was no friendly ( just a gut feeling), so at this point i decided that my safest thing to do was to dismiss my ship to safety and try to hide since ships´s radars could not detect SRVs. The CMDR would have to have direct line of sight with his naked eye in order to spot me. Some seconds after, in my way to hide the hollow square turned into a triangle!
The whole location was a big valley surrounded by some pronounced cliffs with the containers been close to one of the cliffs. It was on the dark side of the planet, but the terrain was bright brown, so no hope of hiding in absolute darkness.

So i backed toward the containers and turned upward the top of the cliff dominating the scenery. My thoughts were than probably the CMDR would noticed the containers and would come take a look. So from my new location i would be relatively close to observe what he would do and have my silhouette against the dark sky which would help to hide me. My hope was that he or she would take a look and then continue his or her way.
Now the anaconda had reached the containers location. From my observation spot i was 705 meters away. I looked and waited to what the ship was doing. The CMDR wrote a "hi" in local, but i wasn´t convinced of any good intention from his part since he had all the weapons deployed when i was in my defenseless SRV for no reason. So i decided to stay quiet and hope that he might think i left with my ship previously.
I was also confused because the Anaconda stood there hovering for a while, pointing its nose towards the ground. It kept looking and turning on its axis. For now the anaconda was mostly giving me its back, until suddenly it turned again but this time facing its front toward my general direction. I started to feel a little nervous once again and started slowly to move backward and I stopped again to observe. The anaconda seemed still focus on the ground, and i was wondering what the hell was the CMDR doing, until i understood terrified. The CMDR was looking at my SVR´s wheel tracks! And just like in a bad dream as soon as i realized what was going on, the anaconda started to move in my direction following my tracks!

You guys need to understand how i was feeling during this whole time. I felt totally like I was a little ant hiding from an elephant or a little kid hiding from a huge ogre that is looking for you and that feels that you are there somewhere. The anaconda is so huge, and it looked very menacing when you are inside an SRV! From this distance i could see all its weapons deployed.

So there I was, with that behemoth moving fast towards me and feeling like an idiot for not having run away before when i could, instead of standing there for so long. I put full power to my back throttle while that monster approached very fast directly to me. At this point it was obvious that the CMDR had spotted me already. The anaconda was in direct course to smash me with its nose so i push forward my throttle and managed to dodge it for few meters. Since the gravity was very low, and the manoeuvre was so close that i ended up faced with the anaconda. So i had no choice than to start to move backward as quick as i could to avoid the coming monster once again. I ended up descending the cliff backward with the anaconda in front of me trying to crash me. Let me tell you that i will not forget this moment. Somehow I managed to get to the bottom with out to much trouble. The Anaconda was coming relentless toward me.

I noticed that The anaconda, being so big and with so many blind spots for the pilot, was hitting often the ground. So there was something small i could use to my advantage. Of course this would become irrelevant the moment the CMDR would decide to shoot me instead of playing with me trying to smash me like a bug.

So from this moment i started to get as close as I could to terrain features with stiff angles and depressions. Of course i dont have to tell you that this is much easier to say than to do when you have a giant ship few meters away behind trying to kill you.
At some point the anaconda turned up the lights i guess to see me better. To me it felt even more scarier since it gave the feeling like i could not escape with that massive spot light on me. There was a terrifying moment when i run for like 50 meters in a straight line with that giant light on my back not knowing when he was going to catch me since i could not look back, trying to find and obstacle to use and not finding it.
The whole situation became a very scary game of cat and mouse, where i was managing to dodge him for very few meters every time. It was just a matters of time until he would caught me. This endured for almost 3 minutes that felt like hours.
At some point, after one of my lucky dodges, i felt down a slop while the anaconda passed away from me. It looked to me like for some reason the anaconda had lost eye on me and there was so many tracks on the ground now, that he or she could not find me. I stood still for a while having the edge of the slop in between us, breaking the line of site. The anaconda was hovering around on the other side, what it seemed like looking for me. It was now like 600 meters away from me.

Once again i felt like a little boy from a fairy tale hiding from the roaming monster.

So i decided to take this opportunity and move along the bottom of the slop maintaining the edge in between. I continued, and since the anaconda was on top of the hill siding the valley, i went to the very bottom of it and continued.
By now i was making some distance but due to being so shaky, the low gravity and the side inclination of the terrain i was having great difficulties maintaining a steady control of the SRV. It felt like in one of those nightmares were you want to run fast because something scary is chasing you behind but for some reason you go very slow.

I was around 1 km away and i was starting to wonder what was going on with the anaconda, when i noticed another hollowed square next to the anaconda. I could not believe my luck!! The CMDR had decided to land in his or her SRV to chase me. I guess in other to locate me since SRVs radars can detect other SRVs. I also noticed that the SRV was leaving the anaconda, so he or she was obviously following me. Is important to notice that the CMDR SRV´s signature by this point was shown as a triangle. This psycho would not leave me alone!

By now i was feeling a little more calm, after the previous terrifying minutes. My plan was obvious, to recall my ship and escape. I calculated that i would have more than enough time to get it back, board it and leave before the other CMDR could get back to the anaconda, take off and become a serious danger. But then, to my surprise the CMDR dismissed the anaconda. That was the death sentence of that psychotic CMDR.

My Asp Scout came back, and to my annoyance once again it landed behind me, half way between me and the CMDR. So i turned back and drove as fast as i could toward it. I was so eager to get inside my ship that i missed the hangar bay my 10 meters. I pulled backward and finally boarded my trusty Asp Scout.
I took off immediately with a huge feeling of relief being inside my cockpit, but I was also eager for revenge. I normally dont kill my opponents except some rare occasions, and this was one of those.
I flew towards the direction i last saw the CMR on my SRV´s radar, and i managed to spot him after few second. The CMDR´s SRV was trying to go up a hill. He would have a better chance by staying still and hoping to pass unnoticed
How ironic was the situation now that the turns had changed. But not exactly the same way i must say. I deployed my 2 modded rail guns and 2 modded MCs and fired. The first salvo missed but not the second.
The SRV exploded in one of the most pleasant balls of fire i can remember A second after i boosted away, still shaking with adrenaline and left for good like a boss .

So that was it. One of the best gaming experiences i have ever have in any game. An experience that the way i lived it though, went beyond epic. And all thanks to open!
And don´t get me wrong, even if i would have died smashed to the ground in such an unfair fight, it would have been a priceless experience nevertheless.
So if you protect yourself from bad encounters in open, you are also avoiding to experience amazing interaction with other players. Some could me like this one that happened to me or completely different in nature and more friendly.

To finish i want to credit the "Psycho" CMDR and say his name in game. Not for naming and shaming, since i dont see anything wrong with what he did in therms of the game, but for thanking him for making this happen, and giving me a gaming experience i will treasure for ever. And maybe if you are around and read this thread you can give your impression from you perspective, it would be awesome.


I am lucky enough i was recording the whole thing, so here is the video too :D :

I remember when my older brother got this game for our ZX Spectrum. The game was properly pirated, the only way to get games at that time in this place. A game he claimed was awesome as you get to fly in space.

We played the game, I remember it being hard to play. Eventually we realized it has no ending and stopped. Decided a game with no ending is just nuts and nobody would play it.

Now I know better. I bought such a game twice and I'm still playing it. Even embarked on an epic journey with others that will take me no closer to the end of the game - but it will take me to the end of the galaxy. Fly safe, commanders.
Ever since I discovered Elite: Dangerous a couple years back I've been playing it whenever I have time. But my fondest memory was when my group of friends (whom I convinced to buy and play E:D) and I had just had our minor faction introduced into the game, and then a group of Empire aligned players wanted us out, so they started randomly attacking and killing me and my friends. After a few days of random attacks we decided to get our s**t together and fought back. We organized a definitive PvP battle against them and then my friend and I, who were not at all experienced at PvP, gave the battle all we had, screaming and shouting commands at each other through Discord. In the end we lost and died, but it was the most fun I had ever had in any game. All of us fighting for our home system, really feeling passionate about it. Defending from attackers together. (Fortunately we later managed to strike a peace deal.)
So thank you FDev for a great game and happy 25th anniversary!
I get time with my son every weekend. Introducing him to Elite Dangerous and playing alongside him is currently my favourite memory, we haven't been playing long. He is awesome, Elite Dangerous is awesome. These memories are forever.
I was in open play in a type 7 when I was pulled out of FTL by a wing of vipers. I was full of gold. They started attacking me brining down my shields before I got back to FTL. They then pulled me out a second time selecting my engines but I got out a second time. They were typing for me to hand over cargo or I will be destroyed. Then third time is a charm when they sucked me out and killed my engines. I start dropping my cargo. Probably half my load when I noticed them typing " stop stop we can't carry that much!" They said since I did not attack, they told me how to reboot to get my engines working and go in peace. My heart was racing!
Having played Elite since BBC days, or more accurately, having watched my friend play Elite on the BBC before finally getting it myself on the Amstrad CPC (favourite moment: finding a *really* good price for narcotics!), and having enjoyed Frontier First Encounters on the PC (with real solar systems!), I spent years waiting for a suitable replacement. Every now and again I'd search the web for an Elite-like game, but nothing seemed quite the same. I even played a few, but the combination of a believable universe and freedom to explore was always illusive.

I forgot about it for a while. I'd search maybe once per year. And one whimsical day, I searched, and there was the Kickstarter! And it only had 3 days to go! What luck I had not missed it. I immediately threw loads of money at it for any number of perks. It was like being a kid again to see the chance of the game of my dreams come to life.

And it pretty much did, too. What other game gives us an entire galaxy to explore and have adventures in? But I'll never forget the excitement of stumbling upon that Kickstarter just in time.
Simple! My favorite thing about Elite Dangerous is the ability to be from Angel to the Devil or anything between! In other words, the FREEDOM to play the game as you wish! Thanks Frontier for making this possible! o7
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