Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory

Chante Goodman

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As you've most likely heard, throughout January we'll be celebrating our 25th anniversary and we want you to celebrate it with us!

Over the last 25 years, there have been amazing moments and moving memories and we want to hear all about them. It's a birthday, so what's a birthday without presents? In sharing your memories with us, you'll be in with the chance to win an awesome set of prizes (see below!)

How to take part:
To take part all you need to do tell us your fondest memory about Frontier games, events or moments on any one of the below social media posts - or here on the forums. So, whether that's a memory of docking for the first time in the very original Elite, releasing your first raptor in Jurassic World Evolution, or hearing Peter Sallis reprising his role in Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo.
We can't wait to hear them!


Grand Prize
  • Jurassic World Evolution (platform of your choice)
  • Planet Coaster (PC)
  • Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition (platform of your choice)
  • Elite Dangerous Ship Chart
  • Planet Coaster Vinyl
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm Pop Vinyl Figurine
  • HyperX Cloud Alpha Full-Size Headset - Red/Black
  • Corsair Gaming MM300 Extended Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Mat - Black
  • Corsair Elgato Stream Deck Mini
  • Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2 GHz QuadCore 8MB Cache Processor
Runner-up Prize (25 runners-up!)
  • Game, DLC or an Elite Dangerous Store Item of your choice - 1 per runner-up
Terms and Conditions
  • Share (a comment on the provided social links or on this forum post) your fondest Frontier memory
  • One entry per person. Subsequent entries will be discounted.
  • Winners will be picked at random from all entries across the forums, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Competition starts 8 January 2019 and ends 28 January at 16:00 UTC
  • Winners will be announced during a stream on 1 February at 12:00 UTC (
  • Prizes will be distributed in the week beginning 4 February 2019.
  • Objectionable or offensive content will be disqualified.
  • Frontier Developments has the right to remove any entry at their sole discretion
  • Frontier Developments will own the copyright of any text submitted and will have the full rights to use the text in any promotional material or future activity.
  • Frontier Developments employees are excluded from participating in the event.
  • Frontier Developments reserve the right to exchange any prize for a prize of similar value.
Good luck and have fun!
- Chanté [heart]
My memories from Frontier was finding out about Planet Coaster and realizing what a great amusement park game it is.
My fondest memoryabout Frontier games was the launch event of Planet Coaster in London. I was very, very excited to go there on my own, not knowing anyone from Frontier or the community. The way I was welcomed by everyone there was amazing and I miss the words for explaining those feelings I had this evening with so many wonderful, warm welcoming and lovely people. I will never forget the time I've spent there. It was such a great evening and after the event being out on the town with such a great bunch of people made this moments for life.
Apart from loving the game by then already, I realized that this is much more than "just a game" - I found friends there and met sooooo many incredible people!

I'm happy I can use this opportunity to say again Thank You to the entire Frontier Team for not only creating great games but as well a wonderful community around it!


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I have a lot of fond memories, but for me it has to be the Coaster Head visit to the Frontier offices. To see the passion and dedication of the whole team at Frontier cemented for me that they were making this game both for themselves and for the community. I made a bunch of great friends that day, both from the community and - at least I hope! - from the dev team.
My fondest memory about Frontier games was the moment I've found out that planet coaster provides nearly everything to build the park of my ever dream. I hope this dream will never end. For me planet coaster still is the best game I've ever played. I[heart] it. Thank you frontier. I love you for creating this awesome game.[wink]
I think personally the first time I started playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 over 10 years ago really was something magical for me, even if back then I knew nothing about coaster building, storytelling and heavy theming, it was just perfect for the theme park obsessive I was at the time. :D

Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo gets a mention especially though, loved that game so much [heart] "Have a nose around for some nuts, lad!"


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The thing I remember most was waiting and waiting for RCT3 to come out on the shelves. When I bought it there was also a book that was optional, a manual. I snatched it up fast with the game. And I remember reading it straight through a few times. I was SO excited to play it. I was in my mid 20's but a kid at heart.

I expect there will be many more great years to come Frontier. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face everyday I play Planet Coaster :pc::white: :pc::blue::kingcoaster:
I always will remember when i first played the demo of RCT3 actually.
Couldn't stop looking at the inverted coaster and though it was very limited (playing the game all night through till 7 in the morning when i bought it), thinking how genius that is.
My fondest memory about Frontier was the first time when I played Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. It was great to explore a new world totally in 3D and I remember spend the whole day building different type of coasters to test the ride camera! And now we have Planet Coaster for this! So, thank you very much Frontier! [heart]
my memory ..... RCT3 and the wonderful Peeps. I had always wished that the peeps look even better and the animations are better. I also found zooming in on RCT3 very good. But then came PLANET COASTER. People look so amazing. And zoom in to the smallest detail. Just great, great, great ..... Keep it up ...[up][squeeeeee]
My greatest memory of Frontier was a contest they had for RCT3 Soaked every week that I was a beta tester for. The best screen shots every week were used to highlight the game on the main site before release. I admit I was up against some very talented creators and I was at best average. But Mr. Brett C. himself picked my screen shot. Some of the other guys kicked about it not being the most detailed shot and that it was simple. But I was so proud it was picked. RCT3 and Planet Coaster have gave me years of enjoyment. I'm 52 now but still feel young at heart when I play this game!

This is the shot:
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My fondest memory was the Launch Trailer for Planet Coaster. The one with that Lady Antebellum song. It gave me so much nostalga due to my fondnest of Theme Park sim games growing up. Planet Coaster looked amazing from that first trailer. I was so excited to play the Early Alpha and even though my PC at the time struggled and the Framerate was dire, I still LOVED it! Fast track to the game launch and I had to wait almost an entire year to afford a PC good enough to play the full release, spending the entire year watching content online of others playing just counting down the days until I could get my hands on the game. I even used to listen to the soundtrack at work! Now, not a week goes by without loading up Planet Coaster for a few hours and having a little play, making additions to my parks or just riding some rides! Planet Coaster, hands down, is the greatest game that I have ever played! #thankyoufrontier
My fondest memory was the announcement of Planet Coaster. I remember purchasing RCT2 and 3 and growing up using those games as a way to escape the world I lived in. The announcement of Planet Coaster revived all of those feelings and was an exciting time. I can't write anything compelling or tear jerking, but what I do know is that it was so exciting to see how far technology had evolved. The graphics and enhancements all the way to the realism was fascinating to me.

Its crazy how I grew from playing the game by myself to now having a toddler crawling over me to try and play too. Maybe in the end the same memories I share visiting theme parks and having the ability to recreate them will pass on in the pure imagination of my child who too loves the ability to create and believe. So, I will end with simply saying thank you all for the ability to escape this crazy world (I live in the US, we're going through things lol) and have the ability to create and share.
Back to Rollercoaster Tycoon times

Lately, I was watching some youtube video's and came along one about rollercoaster tycoon. I instantly got goosebumps when I saw the starting screen with the Frontier logo with the coaster looping around it. Therefore, my fondest memory of Frontier must be one with RCT 1-2.

My greatest memory must be somewhere around Christmas 2017. I had just purchased RCT Classic for my android phone. Playing the mobile game took me back to the game I had enjoyed so much ever before. RCT will remain the true hero of theme park builders. Planet Coaster is the next best chapter ever since!

Keep up the good work guys![up]
Ah - well, this will prove to be quite challenging, I will try my best though!

Frontier games have been with me throughout my life - from my childhood right up to my adulthood. One of my earliest memories is getting a copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 in 2005 (I think it was then at least, I would have been 8 at the time). And for hours on end, I would be captivated in making the largest theme park I could. I never really bothered with worrying about staff, or indeed my guests at time, so I had to play on Sandbox mode in fear of losing all of my money in a campaign environment!

As I got older, I started understanding the game in more depth, and although I still had loads of fun playing in Sandbox mode, I really started getting into campaign mode and the strategy/management side of the game a lot more. This didn't stop me from using the occasional cheat-code to bypass some of the games restrictions though ('James Hunt', anyone? I mean seriously, who doesn't want to ride around their park in a dune buggy!).

One especially strong memory I have is when I had a day off from school my father took me with him to his office (I must have been around 9 at this point, still in primary school). He helped me bring my little desktop PC, with a CD copy of RCT3 in tow. He got me set up in his office and I must have played the game all day, even when he was on his lunch break! I don't get to see my father as much anymore, but that's one of my fondest memories of times we've spent together. When I'd spend ages making a coaster, or a park, and then get him to explore it whilst I showed off all the little details I'd put in - "That's the monorail where guests can get from the entrance to the back of the park!" is something I probably would have said, I loved my transport rides (heck, I still do).

Moving slightly on from Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, my interest in Theme Park sims dwindled, probably because there was nothing really on the market to satiate my interest for a long time. But out of nowhere on my newsfeed, there it was, "Coaster Park Tycoon", a new game coming by Frontier Developments. Immediately remembering all of the nostalgia I had about RCT3, and previous games by Frontier (I played a heck of a lot of Thrillville growing up, also, did I mention that?) I became ludicrously excited. "Finally!" I thought, "A new theme park game made by the masters made with next gen technology!". And hoo boy, did it not disappoint.

I remember being overwhelmed with the amount of content we got shown to us during those pre-alpha months. Being amazed at the AI, how guests navigated the park whilst avoiding natural objects and each other. Even little things like changing the width of the queue lines and paths, this was stuff we had never had before. And to all the naysayers who said we would never get hotels or restaurants, or even custom content - look at where we are now. I must say, the Dev Diary's were truly amazing if I had to pick out a favourite part of those early days. Hearing how the team was making the game, and seeing little sneak peeks of things to come - as soon as something new dropped, the entire community came to life. This brings me nicely onto my next point:

The community.
I haven't seen a game, or a developer for that matter, have quite the same community as Planet Coaster/Frontier Developments. A Facebook group was born out of the love for Planet Coaster (and theme park sims in general) and now that very same group has over 7,200 members! I'm proud to say that I've met some of my very best friends through the Planet Coaster community, including Chris - I'm not sure if he'll be reading this but I met him at the Planet Coaster launch party back in 2016 - and we've been great buds ever since. I wouldn't have this and other friendships if it wasn't for video games, and further to this, I wouldn't have any of this without Frontier video games. It's to the company and the team behind it that I owe a lot of things I can be thankful for in my life.

In these last few years, I've been fortunate enough to not only visit the studios in Cambridge, but have my voice immortalised in the game. I've been to the launch party, and sat down for dinner with some truly excellent individuals from the development team. I'll stick some photos down below, but all I can say to Frontier is this:

Keep doing what you're doing - you're not only shaping and revolutionising the gaming industry, you're helping to change lives through your creative work and all of the incredible things you do for causes like Special Effect. Thank you, for everything - past, present and future.

As promised, here are some photos from the archives!

The launch party, November 2016 (from left to right: Sam Denny, myself, Ed Lewis, Zac Antonaci)

launch event.jpg

'Dinner with the developers' meetup in January 2017

When I visited the studios in January 2018 to put my voice in the game!
Sharing a seatbelt with Games4Tom on a dueling coaster ride.

Riding Carnival Festival with Bloodykimbel (and him learning me some new things about the restraint system of that ride, haha).

Hearing Nemmie giggle like a little girl on basically any coaster.

Riding my first finished dark ride in Planet Coaster. The scenery, lighting, sound effects and music, everything i ever dreamed of from a theme park game was now possible.

Coming to Cambridge and meeting the lovely peeps of frontier.

Working with James Stant (you rock James!)

I made something in Planet Coaster once, and after it was finished, I made a video. I watched the video after making it, and had to shed a tear, just because of how utterly beautiful it was. It's amazing what this game is possible of.

Seeing my Planet Coaster blueprints in livestreams.

But most of all, my countless hours of joy building stuff in Planet Coaster.

And many many many more things.

Cheers and thank for you making theme park games!
An Ode to Frontier

I can’t pick just one,
Fond memory of Frontier,
For there are none,
That don’t bring me cheer,

There was a dog and a man,
Made out of clay,
I was such a huge fan,
I’d watch their films all day,

Imagine my absolute joy,
When I bought Project Zoo in the shop,
Just a young boy,
Gaming as Gromit non-stop,

The first time I loaded,
Roller Coaster Tycoon Three,
My brain almost exploded,
From excitement and glee,

I could jump on my rides,
With the new coaster cam,
And go down giant slides,
Landing in pools with a slam,

I could also run a zoo,
With Safaris on the go,
I could use Mixmaster too!
To create a light show,

Thinking back,
I was particular brash,
Where I’d delete some track,
And watch my peeps crash,

Fast forward 12 years,
And Planet Coaster came out,
A massive thanks and a cheers!
To the best game without a doubt!

I bought it from Steam,
But my excitement was marred,
There ended the dream,
Because of my rubbish graphics card,

I bought a new one,
I could finally revel,
I had too much fun,
Playing Lockjaw’s first level,

I’m creating my own park,
Spending hours on scenery,
I’m making coasters in the dark,
And perfecting my greenery,

I’m uploading blueprints,
And downloading some more,
This game gives no hints,
Of becoming a bore,

It’s not just coasters and flat-rides,
Where amusement has unfurled,
For Frontier provides,
More fun at Jurassic World,

I will never forget,
The next gaming chapter,
I hatched a new pet,
An Arid-skinned Raptor,

Riding out the storms,
Fixing the fence gaps,
Building viewing platforms,❤
Taking snaps,

Setting your dinos free
To eat all the guests,
Watching them flee,
As Jeff Goldblum protests,

None of this could be done,
Without all at Frontier,
Who provide so much fun,
Year after year,

Two decades and a half,
A huge accolade,
A thanks to the staff,
For the games we’ve played!
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