Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory

my fondest memory

The Elete experience.
First it was a 50 minute trip by train into Melbourne to the only computer shop for PC's. Handing over $50 for Elite and drooling over the Black box with the gold Logo all the way home.
Then opening it up and removing the 5.25 inch floppy disk & manual.
Putting the disk in the drive and waiting a few minutes for the game to start.

Then up she comes ,and WOW look at the 3D. ( wire model) Zoom off we go and after several hours of tries eventually getting to dock !.
This game lasted me 18 months from basic flight ,to tribbles , trips around the sun and dam pirates!.
What an awesome ride it was.

And here you are 25 years later still going strong. Amazing work guys, your effort, quality,love of the gameing world and appreciation of gamers shows through and that why your still here!
Here I am now at 61 a planet coaster fan, a fronteer fan and still an avid gamer.

PC's rock.
My Fondest memory would have to be when I was first able to dive into Planet Coaster for the first time! I was just speechless! I have waited so long for a new Theme Park Simulator game to come out since the RCT3 days and Frontier Delivered!! Planet Coaster has allowed me to explore my wildest dreams! I have always wanted to own my very own Theme Park, and in Planet Coaster I can do so. Thank You for allowing me to explore this Dream!


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My favorite frontier memory, thats such a difficult one as i can't really pick any specific one. I guess i will just name a few of amazing moments Frontier has given me :)

- Finding out about Planet Coaster.
As a huge fan of RCT3 i had been desperate for a follow up. Then suddenly i did a google search and ended up on the Planet Coaster forums.
I remember all it said was something along the lines of "check back later for more info" and that period seemed to remain for ages. But it was a real YAY! moment when i saw Frontier was making another theme park game.

- The very first livestream with Ed and John Laws.
After being dissapointed by "another" theme park game i was very sceptical that any game could ever surpass RCT3. Then came this amazing first look of Planet Coaster and everything looked just so amazing. From that point on i was sure THIS was the game i had been waiting for.
I rewatched the stream multiple times as everytime i was amazed at how alive and "cutely realistic" everything looked.

- Custom Music
I had been an advocate for custom music since day one, and i think i could still write an essay why custom music is a must have in Planet Coaster. At that time though custom music was -not- something that was planned to be in PlanCo.
At times i think i was rather vocal, maybe sometimes even a bit annoying. But i was so happy when some day in October a screenshot was released that confirmed it... Custom music was in!
I did even hear a rumor i was nicknamed "Custom Music Guy" by some people... ;)

- Getting to know the community
After spending hours on the forums you start to recognise names, and you get to know certain people. I will not write out the entire story as that will be quite a writing but like i said before, i feel Planet Coaster is justifying its name because i met friends from all over the planet because of Planet Coaster.
Nowdays those friends are not only online friends as a few of them i now consider my best friends in real life.
With this little group of friends we did a few amazing trips to Blackpool, Alton Towers and our amazing Dutch-To-German tour where we visited 5 different theme parks.

All in all a BIG thank you to Frontier. This game literally changed my life in a major way. It might sound overly dramatic as i think i had a good and happy life before PlanCo but nonetheless it changed my life in a way.
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My fondest memory about is when I found out about Frontier developing PlanCo. I played the RCT games for endless hours, mainly the third one, but when that started to fade, for years, no similar game would be released. Then, all of a sudden several projects were announced, but with time it became clear that they would not be able to deliver what those games did. Now guess how excited I was when I heard that Frontier, the company behind RCT3, was going to develop its true successor. And while there are some quirks as there are with every game, they truly did deliver and it is great and refreshing to see how they stay in contact with their community. So many highly requested features have been implemented since the game was released and what is there currently is clearly far from being the end of what we can hope for. I therefore wish Frontier and PlanCo to live long and prosper.
A fond memory of Frontier was when I realised that when I bought Planet Coaster, I didn't just find a fun management game but finally I had found a game that offers the tools to build great dioramas. But the best memory for me is when the Thememaker's Toolkit was released, not just giving more possibilities when making scenery, but also rekindling my interest in 3D modeling.
I know I'm too late but still want to share :) My best memory of a Frontier game was being able to actually ride the coasters in RCT3. Playing RCT1 and 2 in the years before RCT3 made me want to see what it would actually be like to ride them. Even though Planet Coaster has improved on everything RCT3 did, RCT3 still has my best memories attached to it :)
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