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Completion star does not show on career menu



Area of Game Affected
Career Mode

Completed the career park 'Golem Rampage' (see image)

And it shows the achievement as being complete every time I load this save or go to this game. BUT in the main career menu the achievement star for this scenario does not show (see below).

I hope this post means I will get a +1 entry in the competition!

Steps to Reproduce
No idea?!
I did 'fail' the level (I was losing money faster than I could make it) so I restarted from a previous save. Can only think that this somehow screwed it from 'seeing' the 'Easy' completion? Somehow?



Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Thanks for the report. Glad to hear this is no longer an issue for you, but rest assured it is something we are looking into.