Conan Exiles free weekend

What's your impression of the game?
The description does grab my attention, it SOUNDS like there is a more complex city-building element in there, compared to the survival concept a la Subnautica or The Forest.
How does that play out?
From my very brief time with Conan so far it plays A LOT like Ark Survival Evolved, as both games shares same engine, UI assets and animations. I was actually surprised its made by different developer. Same as Ark, looks like its way more fun with lots of other players as it has some good tribe pvp mechanics.
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I play this game quite a bit on an offical PVP Server #1808. The Battle eye add-on is required for play on official servers. There are three types of official server options. There are dozens of official servers, but you may play single player on your own pc. PVE server players cannot damage eachother or raid loot from other players. Lots of players do building as a focus on these servers. PVC (conflict) allows pvp fighting for 5 hours per day during the designated time. Base raiding is not possible, although you can pick up loot from bases that decay when a player abandons the game for a while. PVP servers allow for player vs. player fighting all of the time, and base raiding is restricted to certain time frames based on time zone.

There are bugs, cheats, clans (some cool some toxic) - but in general it is an attractive environment and draws quite a bit from Conan lore. There are dungeons, bosses, minibosses, survival and crafting mechanics. The base building is fairly intuitive and mat grinding is not overwhelming. You take slaves, break their will on the wheel of pain, and press them into service as crafters or guards. Slaves are necessary. There is a pet training system as well. There is a fair amount to learn about base building on PVP servers, soft structures are easy targets for raiding.

There is currently no magic system (other than Avatar summoning), but it is supposed to be added to the game down the road.

This is definitely a mature game with full and over the top nudity. You can control the nudity settings.

I would say it's definitely worth the discounted price.
Tried it last free weekend, and had the exact same experience I would later (recently) have with Elder Scrolls Online's free weekend: Play for a while, turn around, and discover that the enemies I had disposed of only a minute ago had all respawned. I had some choice words to mark the moment. :p

I'll stick to ye olde single player, play-through-the-story-once-and-then-it's-over-and-cleared-areas-stay-cleared kind of games, I think. :7
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