A few years ago Frontier released Planco, if you bought the alpha bundle you got an art book with it. This artbook contained a lot of interesting concept art and "In progress" game design.
While we have seen some of the progress in dev blogs, I wonder if we will see some concept art and or an art book. I know I am, and probably many others, interested in seeing how Planet Zoo came to life, what the struggles where, the decicions that had to made to decide what animals would be added into the game and so on.

I am still hoping for them to release some art work, but I highly doubt it, a missed oppertunity in my eyes.
Nontheless I will play the game till I fall death and I am so excited for the beta.

Btw, One of my favorite animals is the red panda, and with red panda day soon I really really hope there will be an announchement.

Woody :)


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I can only agree with Woody. I would love to have a (digital) concept art book / art book / sketch book of Planet Zoo. I loved the digital sketch book of Planet Coaster and have recently read it again. The art in that book is truly wonderful! It's amazing to read some of the stories from behind the scenes, such as the background stories of the mascots and what challenges the developers faced during development of the game.

It would be super awesome to have an art book for Planet Zoo, so that I can admire more of the amazing talent that went into making this incredible game. ❤
I would love one.
I was lucky and honored to have my park featured in the Planet Coaster digital sketch book so that made it even more special to me. It was so cool seeing all the beautiful little works of art that the devs and artists had created to bring that glorious game to life.
So I would love to see an art book for Planet Zoo as well. In fact, as I'm from an artistic background and I love buying art of books, I'd LOVE to see a printed version for both games. I'd buy them in a heartbeat. :)
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