Conflict Zones: What affects the War?

Conflict Zones: What affects your faction's status in the War?

Is it just turning in Combat Bonds at any station where your faction is present, despite who controls the station?

Does Winning a Conflict zone net your faction any points towards the War?

I've attempted to research into this information but have found no positive answers, so here I ask for some advice.
  • clearing conflict zones
  • handing in bonds in the system

  • clearing scenarios related to the war
  • missions (likely not, maybe someone else verified)
With regard to Missions, back in March I got positive results with just war-themed missions but didn't check how they scored against winning CZs or handing in Bonds.
I hit about a dozen conflicts between lower factions in systems that had minimal traffic and had no input for either side for the first 3-4 days, and again no input for the remaining days. Approx 3-4 missions seemed to be enough to win a day, implying some sort of minimum activity threshold. A couple of systems where I only completed 1-2 missions gave nothing. But, there may be some difference because of the exact mission types.

As above, from my experience, winning the battles in CZs appears to give the most benefit, then Bonds and perhaps scenarios/missions below that.
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