Congrats Obsidian Ant - 100k subs on youtube

Well deserved too. [up]

Ant's video's are one of those rare things on YT - in the same category (for me) as people like Scott Manley or Hickok45 - where you don't just watch them to find out about something.
You can make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and watch them simply because they're properly entertaining and informative.
With all sincerity, Obsidian Ants videos for Elite Dangerous and how he narates them and the games content and happenings is absolutley one of the, if not the bigest Biggest reasons for me how i was introduced to the game and now love Elite.
but elite dangerous is suppose to be dying! So these forums keep on telling me anyway.
Dying? No, god no.

It has to have gained life 1st to have the option of dying.

If only ED would equal even a fraction of the quality work of OA.

Makes me think of hockey in fact, you can have a star goalie (OA) and no offence (ED) and be well recognized (OA) but still
play on a losing team (ED)
Indeed grats. Hitting the first milestone of sorts on Youtube is a major accomplishment, and your videos are always to the point about stuff, never extra fluff or anything. Very professional about updates and content stuff.
I no longer have to tell my friends the latest news in ED, I Just have to play them Obsidian Ants videos. Well worth Patroning,and those exploration videos are just fantastic!
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