Congrats to David Braben OBE

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Hi everyone. Sorry I have to hijack the OP but this section of the forum is for official announcements and rather than close this already established thread, I moved it here but I now have to make a quick modification here to the OP.

A giant congratulations to David Braben who will be awarded an OBE for his outstanding work to the UK Computing Industry. David Braben OBE :)

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Sorry if posted elsewhere but just saw DB was Awarded an OBE in the Queens honours list.

Congratulations !
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Yes, I saw the list and came running to say congratulations as well.

It's also a nice little plug for the game. :cool:

Well deserved.


p.s. i knew it, i knew it... 'medal, medal, medal, my precious..' hehe
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Remember how Sean Connery showed up in a kilt when he received his honors? DB should totally show up wearing one of his trademark thingamabobs (whatcha call them again?)

Or perhaps wearing a Remlok (tm) neckband with the emergency helmet ;)
Her Majesty is a big fan and spent most of the Alpha in the middle of Zelada station griefing the other players in her royal Cobra. She found it hilarious.
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