Congrats to David Braben OBE

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I guess this puts him on the Imperial side of the fence I have to grind those Empire missions to switch sides xD

Congratulations to David. Absolutely deserved for having a childs dream (mine) come true and
now lifted it up beyond expectations!

Taking a deep bow
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Well deserved, where would we be without Elite, think I have spent more hours playing Elite games over the years than anything else!:)
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Hi everyone. Sorry I have to hijack the OP but this section of the forum is for official announcements and rather than close this already established thread, I moved it here but I now have to make a quick modification here to the OP.

A giant congratulations to David Braben who will be awarded an OBE for his outstanding work to the UK Computing Industry. David Braben OBE :)

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Sorry if posted elsewhere but just saw DB was Awarded an OBE in the Queens honours list.

Congratulations !
Go David!
Next step Knighthood? :D
Well done David! You have fully deserved for that - your contribution in developing of gaming industry and Raspberry Pi project cannot be underestimated.
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