Congrats to David Braben OBE

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Great he is a man

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A giant congratulations to David Braben who will be awarded an OBE for his outstanding work to the UK Computing Industry. David Braben OBE :)

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Sorry if posted elsewhere but just saw DB was Awarded an OBE in the Queens honours list.

Congratulations !
Yes he is a great guy, showing you can make games you love despide the industry.
Hope he makes this game the best ever.
Congrats to David.
Well deserved.

Congrats from the ole Baron, ty for keeping it true to form and fer givin us all our space back, RareBreed's fer all today what a ride....
And the journey has just begun back on that date ...
Happy to be onboard and enjoying it.

Greetz out to all 84's .
Completely deserved, what David and Elite has done for the industry is quite amazing when you think about it so we have lots to be thankful for and David is an all round good guy and all that's required now is a knighthood.
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