Congrats to David Braben OBE

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Well deserved

Well deserved, should have got it years ago, just look at the titles of what he's been involved in over the years. Congratulations David.

Philip Coutts

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It's a funny old world. I bet David never dreamt that 30 years on from Elite he'd be heading up a huge company, have an OBE and still be making Elite games.
Fantastic news....

Well done David and the rest of the Frontier guys all deserve the award but especially for David for keeping Elite alive for so long, thank you
Congrats Mr Braben OBE

I bet your beaming with pride lol.You are an inspiration for game developers round the world and i hope to see more awards come your way,you wholeheartedly deserve them.Well done and congratulations Mr Braben OBE! :D
I just want to say well done to all the team for having the drive and insight to bring a popular 80's game into the 21st Century. Hope all goes well with launch date tomorrow and you have the party of your dreams and the hangovers later. Well done guys, you deserve more than we can give you, but by making us part of the development of this game and listening to feedback this game has grown from strength to strength each day. Many thanks to everyone
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