Connection Communication Error in game regularly


I started my franchise zoo in 2019, had a long break and wanted to continue now, but I got regularly this breaks because of this error. If I wait a minute or longer it reconnects ingame, but its extremly frustrating when you just want to enjoy the game and have all 5-10min. this error. I googled a lot, tried a lot to fix, but found no solution that works for me.

Tried also to contact Support, but there's under technical only a choice to choose a topic, found nothing where I can explain my problem via a ticket??

I would appreciate if somebody have a solution for me, thx
Not a solution, unfortunately, only a confirmation that this does happen to other people (me) as well.
The connection gets re-established quickly most of the times, though.

Especially annoying is, that there isn’t only one simple and single warning. Instead, there is ...
a) a message that has to be confirmed by pressing “OK”. And ...
b) the message is instantly replaced by a second (and third ... and fourth ...) warning of the same kind, that all have to be acknowledged by pressing the mentioned “OK” button!

So, if it is not possible to ensure a reliable connection (be it on Frontier’s side or on the side of the customer), why not limit yourself to a simple warning (e.g. at the upper edge of the screen instead right in the middle) without the need of a confirming click?
And if this is undesirable (for whatever reason), why not at least ensure that the same warning isn’t spammed multiple times in a row, making it impossible to continue playing (offline) and being extremely annoying due to its unnecessary persistence?
My Solution was a new Fritzbox, my old 1 got broken and I had the last few month an alternative router. This 1 showed the message "DoS(Denial of Service) Angriff SYN Flood to Host wurde entdeckt. (FW101)" always when the server lost the connection. He couldn't work the data transfer of planet zoo and misinterpret it as shown error-message.

For other ones with this problem, check the status messages in your router when you loosing connection very often. Have a nice day
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