Conservation Center (does not relate to the DLC nor a Animal Wishlist)

Before that, I don't know if anyone had this idea but I thought of a Conservation Center.
Note: as I said in the title, this is not an Animal Wishlist nor its relate a lot to the new Conservation Pack DLC.
I had this idea for a while and it would be as a Facility, presumably Staff Facility.
ok, let me explain!
so nowadays Zoos and Aquariums take part in ensuring conservation, not only through animals but through Protection or taking part in stopping Man-made/Natural problems (like Plastic, Deforestation, etc). so my idea is that the Conservation Center acts as a way that our zoo can help prevent/ stop these problems.
it can be as a Minigames for us or just sending a bunch of our vets or a new staff called the Conservationist...
let's just say it could be a Community Challenge in Franchise. example "Borneo is Burning" (Forest Fire) so we as Zoo "Managers/Owners" should take part in helping it, for example Rescuing injured animals or sending vets or others (for example helicopters/Planes that are designed to stop fires) to the area, or fix other problems we can face, (Poaching, Oil Leak, Deforestation, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Etc)
or it could also be available in Sandbox and other modes

new staff Conservationist!
so my idea is similar to the Zoo rater (I forgot the name, the Rater in a way, the one that makes sure you kept your animals well, please do tell me in the comment). Similarly, it would make sure that the welfare is still the best and would be sent with the vet to the area in distress. it could also help vets research and make Breeding Easier, or as the Notification if there is the Problem.

so the minigame idea...
the idea is like the game suggests as a minigame, for example being in the Helicopter and shooting fire down below (highly unlikely).

so the UI system would be near the"Research/animal/Zoo UI" having a map, presumably a world map showing where the staff we send is and the news from them, for example, how many animals they found injured, Could be orphans, so we can prepare or deny.
those animals can be an eye-opener to the guest, making them want to learn more about the problem and possibly donate more.
also can be a way to get animals, other than getting them from the market...

so that's my idea! feel free to give flaws or your idea in the Forum.
I would love to hear it!
oh, and Thank you for Reading!
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That's a really really good idea, and not that hard to implement, especially if it just uses vets instead of a new type of staff.

You should tag the CMs so they can see this.
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