Conspiracy Theories

So we have this nice little rainbow color human occupied bubble and to my knowledge most things outside of it is unexplored. This makes me think that there could be other things beside thargoids out there like the Raxxla myth and maybe other things not like other aliens, planets with life on them(maybe), ruins etc.

Raxxla being a gateway to other worlds, does anybody else think that maybe the star maps you can find in the thargoid bases have anything to do with the gateways other worlds? I also think that Raxxla has to a habitable or at least near hospitable planet for the Coprs of Elites who originally found it.

These Elites had to either have had stumbled upon it by accident when doing a mission which tells us that it has to be somewhere in or near the space bubble, or they went looking for it and were succesful.

The Elite have to have contact with assassins who kill the people who find raxxla which again could be further evidence that it is close or at least find able as we have 2 records so far that it has been found.

Can this mysterious planet can move around, like slowly drift and thats why no one can find it.

Does Raxxla even exists as in ingame, can we even find it or have the devs been waiting till soemeone gets close and will patch it in?

Does it resemble some mysterious planet astronomers have found today like planet x or the "Planet from Hell": Gliese 581c.

The Beyond update that has been made especially for explores that will 'upgrade planets'. Is this when we'll find Raxxla

However the thing about the Raxxla us that in a video I watched awhile ago, one of the devs mentioned that players haven't discovered many of the hidden features and gave Raxxla as an example. Now he may have said that to throw us off or it could be in development but, in my opinion I think it exists.

But I do plan on outfitting a major exploration ship and heading out into the unknown in the near future.

Anyway just some theories, speculations. Thoughts?

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