Contemplating a rather large undertaking (full wall set)

I am thinking about doing a full wall set, with arches,vertical as well as the horizontal partial walls, curved walls, pillars, etc. on and off grid (so one can make spooky wonky towers). Probably some appropriate trim, etc. I am just wondering if you guys think there will be enough interest because this would be a couple months work. Of course once I got the meshes done I'd be able to release other textures a bit more quickly.

The first set would be a slightly rough stone brick I think as my intended use would be to finish my Tower of Art for my Discworld Unseen University mini park.

Let me know what you think. I have a lot of IRL projects going this year so it would take a while to get all of this out.
Absolutely there is interest! And a sincere thank you for even considering taking on such a project!

I love the wall sets that came with the game, but there are just so many different pieces missing that they just feel incomplete. Partial walls and matching off-grid pieces would be invaluable. Only you can make the final determination as to whether you have the time to do this, and as you said, the intitial meshes will be the time-consuming part, but if you do, I think many people will very much appreciate your efforts.
I'm always wanting more/new walls and go for it. Like I have said in the past...if I had the knowledge to do this I would be making stuff more than playing the game (maybe). I just can't seem to grip how to do this. I have a long standing list of scenery ideas that I have always wanted to create.
The toughest part, to be honest, will be getting a texture that looks good on the partial pieces as well as the bigger ones so they all blend together. I already have a stone texture I like that I have been using and will likely have that as part of the texture so my existing stone pieces will work really well with it all but drawing the bricks to a good size that will work universally will probably take a while. The meshes will mostly just be tedious, and will require a spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

Everything will be fully flexi of course.

I may start by making the spreadsheet and seeing if I think I can do it without it taking a year.
This sounds really interesting! I'd love a wonky walls pack live you've described.

I haven't been very active on the forums lately, mostly because of life and creative block in Planet Coaster (didn't even get further than just opening Planet Zoo...), but I keep an eye on the TMTK. Perhaps interest will pick up again since it's the primary source of new items nowadays.

Thank you for sharing all your creations so far and even considering a new big project like this!
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