News Contest: Engineers in Colonia - Winners Announcement

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hello Commanders,

After careful deliberations, we're ready to announce the winners of our Engineers in Colonia screenshot competition!

In 1st place, winning a Hyper X Mousemat & Headset, Ship Kit, Paint Pack and Decal is... CMDR Divergents!

In 2nd place, winning a money-can't-buy Paint Pack is... Nathan Hamm!

In 3rd place, winning a money-can't-buy Paint Pack is... CMDR Tharrn!

We received a ton of wonderful entries, and narrowing them down to these three was incredibly hard, so we'd like to thank everyone who took part in our competition!

For the chance to win more awesome prizes, keep your eyes out for more competitions around the launch of Beyond - Chapter Four!
I'm sure he will be delighted to get his prize in 9 or 10 months time after it being forgotten about and chased for multiple times.
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