Copying and moving question

Hi all. If I have built something, say a column for example and I want to move it directly across from the first item so its in the exact same spot as the first item on the other side can someone explain how to do this so please? Thank you!
One way you can do it is to plop a gridded piece down like a wall or one of the wooden pillars. You can place your column or whatever you want exactly where you want it on the grid.
As this selection will be classed as a building, you can move the whole thing and line it up with whatever you want.
Then when you edit it, you just select the gridded piece and your column, and then copy and paste it somewhere else on the grid. You can delete any unwanted gridded pieces once you've got all your columns where you want them.
Hope this helps. the scenery item, or scenery group (with the multi-select tool) and you can then copy and move it using the smart move tool (whatever its called)
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