Read First Copyright Tip for Content Creators

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If you’re a content creator on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered!

As you know, there’s a host of licensed music in the game, which could potentially cause you some problems on your channel with third party copyright strikes or muted sections on your stream VOD.
Our audio team have implemented some features that should help you with your content and avoid any issues.

If you’re playing on console, as long as you’re streaming through the inbuilt systems on the console, any licensed music should be muted automatically – the game will detect when you’re live and avoid any copyright issues.

If you’re playing on PC, there’s a handy setting in the game’s main menu: Mute Licensed Music! Simply navigate to your General - Audio settings, and in the bottom section you’ll find Streaming -> Mute Licensed Music.

  1. Open Settings, be it main menu or on an island.
  2. Select "Audio".
  3. At the bottom, ensure "Mute Licensed Music" is checked.

If you’ve followed either of these instructions depending on what platform you stream from, you should be good! Should you run into any more issues with copyrights, please send your video/VOD or a screenshot to so we can look into it.

Thank you for playing and enjoy!
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Thank you so much! I know I was one of the people that asked about this but I did figure it out by myself while i was messing around with my audio settings.

Great feature btw!!
If your a console player who doesn't use the inbuilt streaming option on the console but uses additional external hardware such as an Elgato Game Capture Card to capture and stream/record your gameplay to PC for editing/rendering and uploading at a later time how do you disable the copyright music? Will consoles get an update to have the same setting under audio options as the PC Players get to avoid this situation.


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Is it bad if the music is on in my video?
You can get a copyright claim if music from Jurassic World Evolution is present in your YouTube videos. To avoid copyright claims, you can disable the copyrighted music from playing in the game by changing the option as described in the first post of this thread: enable the checkbox next to mute licenced music.


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Ohh... Sorry.I thought that was only for streams. Is there any way to intergrate the music at all or not?
You can try to use the music, but you will risk a copyright claim. The option to disable copyrighted music in the game is there for a reason.
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