Coriolis April fools's

If you haven't checked out Coriolis today, do so! There's an update, and the old MS Office companion "Clippy" is there to keep you company, and I believe Bugs Bunny retyped the entire site, and dyed it pink! April fools preparations most likely, they're hilarious! Clippy's "recommendations" are very funny! (Like "B-rated thrusters are the fastest" and "Shield Boosters give everyone skill" and "When all else fails, fill all empty slots with docking computers!") I hope you all check it out, and have a good laugh! :)


I saw this earlier today. I thought my screen was broken until Clippy showed up, at which point I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

10/10 would fill with docking computers again.
As I have had problems logging in and getting use to the new forum setup I can admit I fell hook line and sinker for the corolis april fools . I can not post as my original post was locked but well done .
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