In-Development Coriolis EDCD Edition

I have a potential bug to report:

Hey baqar79,

After following this up I can confirm that this is by design as benefits are applied to the max mass, but not penalties to avoid weird cases where a shield no longer fits the ship.
Hope this clears up some confusion!

Fly safe Cmdr!

Currently max hull mass on shields is reported as reduced by Coriolis. I have my shield at low power 2 going on 3 on a 3d shield and it still says 413 weight limit in game. So, I'm assuming this is still correct. Unless this has since changed and is now considered a game bug.

I know there are some incorrect max mass with thrusters as well. For instance Dirty 1 drive has a max mass of 507.3 where coriolis states it's 504. This gives a very different range of build options to people building anacondas etc.

I'll add some pics:

Coriolis states the shield should reduce in maximum mass. It retains max mass of 413 no matter what.

Coriolis states the max mass of Dirty 1 thrusters should be 504. The game says it is 507.3. I have no idea, what makes that difference specifically. But it does open up more room for anyone using coriolis to figure out an anaconda build.

All of the engines may need to be gone over for max weight numbers.

The max weight to determine if the ships thrusters work may also need to have a decimal point added. Hypothetically this should work.

I'm not sure where the game cuts it off though. I have to get the shield engineered the rest of the way to test this.

Both of those(Engine cap and actual weight of ship) should equal 499.5 exactly. Unless some of the weights are incorrect in Coriolis or other rounding issues work.
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I know this is the EDCD thread, but I didn't find any other.

Is down?

I have not been able to acess it for over a weak now. I only get that big blue coriolis picture...

EDIT: cache seems to be a issue for me lately. CTRL+F5 solved it...
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Trying to figure out how to get my current ship builds into Coriolis from ED. Is there a simple how-to somewhere which explains this?
Hello CMDRs. I do not understand how coriolis calculates sustained values for railguns. I understand that it is trying to take reload times into account, but the numbers don't line up with my calculations. (What does fire rate even do on a weapon with 1 shot in the magazine? Is railgun fire rate actually charge time before it fires? I tried this in my calculations but it doesn't seem to be the case. But this is all besides the point.)

Look at this coriolis build in the link:

The engineered distributor has a WEP recharge rate of 9.2 MW, and the four railguns (long range, super penetrator) have a sustained energy per second of 3.4 MW each, totalling for 13.6 MW combined. Note that this is higher than the recharge of the distributor. Still, the offense stats say that the distributor will NEVER be emptied under sustained fire. This seems contradictory.
(The individual EPS of each rail may be rounded up, so their total may actually hold 4 values rounded up, but compensating for this doesn't change the fact that their total energy usage is higher than the distributors recharge.)

Can anyone explain this?
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