Roller Coasters Corny Island PsychMoan - Zephyrus

Latest attempt at a Zephyrus version of the modern Coney Island Cyclone - Friction Multiplier of 0.5 recommended. EFN 7.15 4.94 1.26, no-path Prestige 702. Station building includes a 1st Aid & a Restroom, and an interior pathline with multiple potential path configurations (so I fenced off all the openings -- just delete the fencing in the openings you put your queue and exit path through). Everything in this is either Main Game or Vintage Pack. The three pieces (Corny Island PsychMoan coaster, Corny Island PsychMoan Station building, and Corny Island PsychMoan Lifthill building) load elevated, ground-level indicator is at the lifthill-base end.

Thanks to bkkryu01 for his near-accurate Coney Island Cyclone -- having an in-game reference made building a lot easier! My work on this is CC0 2019 KickAir8P Public Domain, please feel free to use it in your own workshop creations if you like.

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