Before I begin, this suggestion includes 3 suggestions using the same idea, so, be sure to read it all

So as the title suggests, Armour Plating Cosmetics/Ship Kits, I got the idea when talking with my friend about some of the ships, my friend mentioned the Type-10, and we figured it'd be a slimmed down up armoured Type-9, when he mentioned Up Armoured while I was looking at the raider kits, the idea sprung into my head;

"What if we could get Armour Plating ship kits?" now I'm not entirely sure how they'd really work, but, some ideas I have in mind:

General Padding around angled/flat surfaces, a good example would be having large plates on the belly and top part of the Anaconda.
Canopy reinforcement, give it that reinforced bullet proof look used on US military Vehicles, but, without intruding too much on Visibility, unless it's only visible on the exterior.
Thruster Shielding perhaps on some ships like the Corvette, and Anaconda.
Reinforced Bridge plating with supports on the Bridge of the Corvette, and Anaconda, so it'd be like the same shape as the bridges but cover the original, clearly plating that's using supports for it to give it a reinforced look, kinda like a medieval Buttress.

I understand there isn't a whole lot you can do about the corvette since it's so militaristic already, however, there are some areas that could have subtle reinforcements, such as cages around the windows along the ship, a little extra padding on the rear and nose here and there, as for Imperial/Passenger Ships, I have no idea how this could work for them and still keep the slim look.

I know this suggestion sounds kinda silly, but, it would be pretty cool to see on some ships, but obviously not all of them, they could be really nice to see on cargo ships and maybe Passenger Ships as well, but again, they'd be very subtle.. which brings me to my next idea:

Since some ships wouldn't be able to do much with Plating, could possibly have a Plating Kit slot next to the Ship Kits, so you can have ship kits on their own and be able to use them with the subtle plating kits, failing that...

Armour plating could be a very cool cosmetic appearance change when using Hull Reinforcement Packages and using the different Alloys, depending on tier and type, you'd get a different look, and have the ability to turn the appearance off if you don't want it to be on your ship and still have the Hull packages/alloy.

Anyway, that's just something my friend and I would really like to see in Elite, like maybe not have them as cosmetic kits, but a cosmetic side effect from the Hull Modules.
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